Steam cleaning has become the best solution for cleaning car interiors and exteriors and is changing the entire car wash industry worldwide. The development of the whole industry is driven by many factors: the excessive water consumption of the pressure washer, the ban on harsh chemicals, and the need to reduce effort and time. Steam cleaning is used to clean interiors, disinfect air vents, degrease engines and even wash the body of entire vehicles.

Water Consumption

Car washes that do not use steam cleaning typically use 100 to 150 liters of water to clean the body of a single car. With professional steam generators and vacuum cleaners, you use less than 8 liters of water for each individual vehicle, which allows you to save 93% of water. Not bad, right? We are trying to save our planet with many small, kind gestures, and using a steamer for cars is a great starting point.

The advantages of steam cleaning are:

  • It removes all dirt from outside the car without any effort;
  • No toxic residues remain on surfaces;
  • It cleans windows without leaving streaks;
  • Reduced consumption of water and detergents;
  • Vinyl floors and wheels are easy and quick to clean.

Disinfection of the Interior

Disinfection of the car interior allows you not only to get rid of dirt and unpleasant odors. First of all, it helps to kill mites, mold, and bacteria that live in the textile parts or in the air conditioning system. Mites and bacteria in your car can cause dust allergies, breathing problems, and headaches. These symptoms are worse in winter when windows are frequently closed, there is no proper air circulation, and when the heating is turned on.

Proper disinfection of the car interior is an essential operation for our health, which must be repeated periodically. If children and dogs travel in the car, it is highly recommended to frequently disinfect the interior of the car.

Removing Coffee and Soda Stains from Seats

The professional cleaner with combined steam and vacuum function is the only ecological solution for removing smoke odors, pet hair, stains, and disinfecting car seats. We recommend using the wash-spin function for the most difficult stains, which dissolves heavy stains using a mixture of steam and hot water at 70°C, without the use of chemicals.

Steam Treatment of the Air Conditioning System

High steam temperatures are an effective way to remove contaminants from an air conditioning system. High-pressure steam, injected directly into the air intakes, acts in a safe way destroying bacteria and odors in a matter of seconds. This will make the air in the car healthier and more breathable. This is especially important for people with respiratory problems or allergies, although it is generally beneficial for everyone. Steam disinfection guarantees a complete and effective cleaning not only of the filter, but also of the plastic structures, fan, heat exchanger, and all external components of the system.

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