Dedicated Server or dedicated hosting servers is a form of internet hosting that allows an individual to lease a full server not shared with others. This form of hosting is much more flexible than shared hosting because the organizations can take complete control over the specific server, including the choice of hardware and the operating system. There is also a level of managed hosting or dedicated hosting, which is more commonly referred to as complex managed hosting. Complex managed to host is applied to both the physical dedicated servers, namely Hybrid servers, Virtual servers, etc. with many companies choosing a hybrid hosting solution.

Operating system support

Dedicated Servers support a number of operating systems. Supporting the operating systems depends on the level of management that is offered with a particular specialized plan. The provision of the operating systems includes an update to the core system so that the latest security fees can be acquired along with system-wide vulnerability resolutions and patches. Updates to the core operating system include application updates, service packs, kernel upgrades as well as security patches that keep the server safe and secure. Updating the operating system relieves the additional burden of server management from the owner of the dedicated server. Dedicated servers provide support to both the Linux and Windows operating systems along with Fedora Core, CentOS, and Debian.

Connectivity and Bandwidth

One of the primary advantages of adopting a dedicated server is that it provides high powered networks from multiple providers. Dedicated server providers use a massive amount of bandwidth, and as a result, they can secure lower volume-based pricing for including a multi-provider blend of bandwidth. Over the last few years, bandwidth consumption has shifted from a ‘per megabit usage’ model to a ‘per gigabit usage’ model. With the development of share hosting models, the trends towards gigabytes and total bytes transferred and replaced the megabit line speed model. Therefore, dedicated server providers started offering per gigabyte.

Features of Dedicated Servers.

❏    Operating system choices Dedicated servers give you the utmost freedom to choose any form of the operating system. Your business requires a type of operating systems such as a Linux or Windows server.

❏    Server configuration– A key area of importance is the ability to have control over your server so that you face no problem to configure it according to your needs.

❏    Hardware choices- Looking for adequate hardware options is essential as dedicated servers at times can be expensive. A range of opportunities over the model of your CPU, size of the RAM, number of cores and the speed, type of RAM, as well as the hard disk capacity.

❏    Control Panel Options– A well-set control panel makes it much easier to manage your server and the applications that run on it. Plesk and cPanel are the best industry-leading control panels that are used by millions of organizations across the globe.

❏    Security– Dedicated servers ensure you the best protection. In case your server is hacked, your company could be put at a standstill as the IT operations of your company could be taken offline. Dedicated servers provide with next-generation firewall, web app security, malware, and virus prevention.


Providers of dedicated servers pay a fixed monthly price to include a specific software package. Over recent years these providers have introduced significant pricing models that allow the specialized hosting providers the ability to resell and purchase software based on the reduced monthly fees.


Dedicated Servers come with a few limitations like they do not allow IRC. It has happened due to the rogue IRC users that have triggered DDoS attacks against the provider, which overwhelms their networks that lowers service quality for all customers.

➢    Copyright violations– Hosting copyright materials that a particular individual doesn’t hold the right to, is against the terms of service of most companies.

➢    Adult content– It is not allowed by many providers as it consumes a large amount of bandwidth and may be of questionable legality.

Dedicated servers generally provide companies with high performance as well as more extensive storage solutions for hosting their applications. To get the best out of your dedicated server, you need to consider a few options, such as the choice of your hardware and control panel, operating system, freedom to configure the server as required as well as the server management and security. HostingRaja is one most dedicated server providers in India. It provides server solutions for Windows and Linux operating systems. HostingRaja is the eminent service provider in India that offers a control panel with inbuilt enhanced security features as well as assures website optimization.

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