Novell GroupWise is a well-known email and collaboration application that organizations use for business communication. However, it has aged poorly compared with other software in the same category. For instance, it offers fewer features and limited support than modern email software, such as Microsoft Outlook. That’s why many organizations move from GroupWise to Outlook. When they make the transition, they need to use third-party software. Stellar Converter for GroupWise is one such software that organizations use to transfer their existing GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook.

Stellar Converter for GroupWise- Overview 

Stellar Converter for GroupWise is a powerful utility that can directly convert GroupWise data to Outlook-compatible PST files. The software can also convert GroupWise mailbox to other formats, such as HTML, EML, MSG, RTF, and PDF. It offers many useful features, such as detailed preview before saving the data, selective conversion, support for different GroupWise mailbox modes (online, remote, caching, and archive), etc.

Who Can Use Stellar Converter for GroupWise?

You can use Stellar Converter for GroupWise in the following situations:

  1. Migrating from GroupWise to Outlook

GroupWise to Outlook migration isn’t easy as both platforms work differently in terms of managing emails, contacts, etc. You can’t directly export GroupWise mailbox to Outlook. However, you can use Stellar Converter for GroupWise to convert GroupWise emails to PST in a few clicks. The Technician edition of the software also allows you to convert multiple GroupWise mailboxes in a single batch.

  1. Migrating from GroupWise to Office 365

Recently, many organizations are switching from on-premises software to cloud-based software like Office 365 for better platform independence, scalability, etc. If you are also moving from GroupWise to Office 365, you can use Stellar Converter for GroupWise to transfer all your existing emails, contacts, etc.

  1. Saving GroupWise Emails in HTML or PDF

GroupWise users need to save emails in HTML or PDF in certain situations. For instance, you may need to save emails in these formats to use them in presentations, create backup, or conduct an internal investigation. Stellar Converter for GroupWise lets you save your Groupwise emails in the desired format.

Using Stellar Converter for GroupWise – Best Utility to Convert Groupwise to PST

I found that Stellar Converter for GroupWise is the best utility to convert Groupwise to PST as it has all the functions and tools you need to save a GroupWise mailbox in PST format. Let me take you through the complete working of the software.

I downloaded Stellar Converter for GroupWise on my system, which took me only a few minutes. When I launched the software, it opened a window with different GroupWise mailbox options for the conversion. There were four options for online mailbox, remote mailbox, caching mailbox, and archive mailbox. It was nice to see that the application covered different types of GroupWise mailbox configurations.

Since I had an archive mailbox for testing, I selected that option and provided the mailbox’s path.

The software scanned the GroupWise mailbox archive and then displayed the mailbox contents in a three-pane window. Mailbox folders were neatly organized in a tree-like structure in the left pane. Contents/emails of the selected folder were displayed in the middle. And right pane was meant to show a preview of the individual item I selected. I could inspect and review the contents of the mailbox using these panes.

I selected the folders to save in a PST file on my system. Then I clicked the Save button under the Home tab. Doing that opened a new window in which there were several file format options to choose from- PST, MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, and RTF.

Since I wanted to save the GroupWise mailbox in PST format, I selected PST and clicked Next. I provided a location for saving the converted file, and Stellar Converter for GroupWise saved the file in the location. It’s as simple as that!

Stellar Converter for GroupWise Editions

The software is available in two editions- Corporate and Technician. The latter offers a few more features than the former. Here’s a quick comparison.

Features Corporate Technician 
Connect in online mode, remote mode, caching mode, and archive mode
Preview of converted mailbox
Support for GroupWise Server 2018 / 2014 / 2012 / 8.0 / 7.0 / 6.5 / 6.0
Selective mailbox items conversion
Direct mailbox export to Office 365
Save converted mailbox to an existing PST
Batch conversion of mailboxes

Verdict and Rating

All things considered, Stellar Converter for GroupWise is a reliable GroupWise to Outlook migration tool. The software is simple, easy to use, and offers a wide range of features to save GroupWise emails the way you want.

The Stellar brand is also well-known for its top-notch customer service and enterprise-grade applications. You can’t go wrong with their GroupWise to PST converter software. Ending this review, I will give the application a big thumbs up and a rating of 4.9/5.0.

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