Customer service is the core of any organization’s success or failure. People tend to accept or reject a company’s product or service based on its customer service. Especially when it comes to some sort of service, things turn out to be serious on behalf of customers. The moment they realize the customer service is poor, they would look for other options.

On the contrary, if the company pays attention to building a well-versed team that can understand customers’ needs, know their pain points, and delivers according to their expectations; the chances of success are high. For instance, internet service providers like Spectrum, Cox, Optimum, and Suddenlink tend to improve customer service day in and day out. But imagine for a moment, if the customer service is poor, what would be the result? You might miss the important webinar that you paid for, fail to attend an important business meeting, or lose all the money for not delivering the project in time.

In this post, we are going to shed some light on how to improve customer service and share some statistics regarding the importance of customer service.

Statistics on Customer Service 

  • According to Microsoft, 67% of people believe that customer service is improving overall.
  • According to the AE, 70% of customers are of the view that they choose a company that offers great customer service
  • Almost 1/3 of the customers were of the view that they would switch the companies after one instance of poor customer service
  • Approximately 91% of consumers who are not satisfied with a brand would leave it without complaining
  • 57% of consumers would prefer contacting companies through digital media like social media or email rather than using phone support.
  • As much as 50% of organizations admit that their most crucial issue is providing a seamless experience on a wide range of channels.

In the above statistics, it can be seen the importance of customer service and how it could result in losing customers and a revenue cut. If you are thinking of starting your company, especially service-related, then make sure to take the below-mentioned steps to improve customer service. Here’s how to do it.

Hiring the Right Team 

No matter, what department you want to run, the core of its success or failure is dependent on the team. When it comes to hiring the best customer service team, you need to find candidates with a positive attitude, the right skills, good communication skills, and a great personality.

Offering customer support is a hell of a job and needs a lot of patience. You need to find a person, who is well trained to keep his /her emotions in control, knows how to deal with any situation calmly, and address customer’s concern without losing the track.

When hiring a customer support team, make sure to take a short test both written and in person. You need to devise tricks that would infuriate the candidate and check their temperament during this exercise.

Training the Team 

After going through the recruitment process and hiring the team, now it is time to train the team. The most important thing you need to ensure is to make them understand the core services of your business and complete knowledge. Don’t skip the basics like mission, vision, and core values as your team needs to represent your company. The purpose of doing so is to represent your company in the best way through friendliness and empathy.

Well-trained and motivated customer service can truly understand the core of the company’s goals. Have one-on-one sessions with each individual, give presentations, take tests, and provide them with all the necessary material needed to ensure the best customer service.

Above all, you need to hire a person who will lead the rest of the team. Make sure to hire an experienced individual who has worked with a multinational company and has a good track record. During training sessions, make sure to give some sort of entertainment and rewards to the best team member. It would result in motivating the employees and giving them the reason to perform best in the future as well.

Choose Right Medium for Customer Representatives 

In the past, customer support was resolved through phone calls. Customers had to wait for a long time before the queue cleared up. Moreover, the long and tedious process resulted in a huge turn-off for the customer. Moreover, some customer representatives are not suitable for handling phone calls due to several reasons.

Customer service has revolutionized immensely in the last few years and it is now not limited to phone calls only. Customers can contact an organization through different platforms such as social media, online chat, and by sending email.

Make sure to adopt all the mediums to ensure the best customer support on every platform. Moreover, if you feel that an employee is not meeting the requirements over the phone, you can test him/her on online chat and social media handles. In this way, you can offer seamless customer service without any glitches.

Track their Calls and Chats  

Customer support is not a one-time job and not every customer is equal. So to make sure that your employees handle each situation ideally, make sure to track their support. Invest in a system where calls can be recorded of each individual and look for any loopholes and flaws. In case of any discrepancies, ask your employee to improve it. Moreover, those who have performed extraordinarily should be compensated with a reward that could be a monetary or some sort of souvenir.

Final Verdict 

Competition is becoming tough with each passing day. More and more brands are being launched making it harder for everyone to keep up to the mark. If you want to grow your business and retain your existing customers, make sure to invest as much as you can to train your customer support team. Also, don’t hesitate to adopt new methods and platforms to deal with customer’s concerns and queries. Losing even a single customer can badly impact your business because everyone knows how to inform other people as well on digital platforms to tarnish the image.

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