You’ve arrived at this page, it means you’ve already owned a sex doll or are interested in realistic sex dolls. If you’re looking for self-satisfaction, sex dolls are an excellent option. It provides both unique and genuine stimulation.

If you use sex dolls or are considering using sexy real sex dolls, check out these nine intriguing facts that can help you use realistic sex dolls more effectively.

The Basic Check Before Use

We believe you must be pretty delighted when you receive the parcel containing the sex doll because she is not only your sexual partner but also a member of your future life.

So, after getting the items, the first thing to do is carefully open the package for a basic inspection.

Tens of kilograms are the average weight of a thick sex doll. Even if the seller has carefully covered the package, it may be destroyed during transportation.

Please transport the sex doll package with your pals since her weight may be beyond your imagination. In general, just one person is capable of moving her.

Wash Your Hands

Please do not save time by opening the box without first cleaning your hands. Please wipe your hands before contacting it to avoid staining its skin and leaving spots on its body.

Install The Doll Head

When you unwrap the plastic paper from the doll’s container, look for any damage throughout the handling procedure. If there is any damage, contact the seller right once to arrange a replacement or other solution. At the same time, please don’t damage the packaging box; instead, leave it out in the open to be used in the future when returning or replacing the goods.

If there is no damage, the body and head of the doll, as well as some other accessories, are usually visible in the package.

During transit, the regular sex doll’s head and body will split. Please open the package with caution. Please locate the sex doll’s head and place it on the torso if the beauty is not damaged. Please keep in mind that the doll’s hair is sometimes separated. Put on your hair.

Clean your love doll

Cleaning is the most crucial thing you should know whether you use a sex doll or any other sex toy.

To properly clean your love doll. After each ejaculation, wash it. Inside ejaculation in any of the holes and the growth of bacteria in it over time. Even if you’re using a condom, it’s a good idea to clean it after masturbating. Although using a condom makes it easier and faster.

You should avoid hot water. It’s best to use cool or lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. When cleaning, use light pressure and avoid putting too much pressure on it. Don’t forget to dry it after washing. It is also an element of sex doll cleaning.

Dressing up your sex doll

It’s a lot of fun to dress up a sex doll. But, of course, you are free to outfit your lifelike sex doll however you wish. Lingerie is at the top of the list of items that men prefer to put on their sex dolls.

Well, it depends on your dreams; some people enjoy playing with a sex doll. After all, the sex doll has an entirely female body line. Therefore it is possible. Assume the position of a customer, such as a nurse or a police officer.

When selecting sexy clothing for her, keep in mind that some fabrics contain dyes and stains. Check the fabric and dye at all times. Be delicate when dressing her up in a sexy costume like a genuine girl.

Use lubricant

Sex is never comfortable without lube, whether with a sex doll or a real sex partner. Therefore, do not have sex with a sex doll unless you have enough lubricants. You can use any oil you want, but it must be silicone safe and synthetic safe for the silicone realistic sex doll.

Noteworthy, besides the level of fun and experience, if a man uses a sex doll without lubricant, it affects and can even destroy its synthetic fleshy component. As time passes, your sex doll begins to lose skin or suffer injury. Finally, it reduces the sex doll service time.

Various sex acts

You’ve undoubtedly learned a lot more about sex dolls and are wondering how far you can take them. Our female dolls have three accessible holes, and you can also potion their hands to do hand jobs. Dolls are to be treated as if they were persons. You can cuddle your doll, share it with a companion, and enjoy the realistic look and feel it provides. If you’re inventive, you can realize most of your fantasies.

Yes, you can play hard and exhibit extreme actions with your sex doll, but regular sexual play is advised. If in doubt, go slowly and look for any indicators of danger or damage before proceeding.

Never share your love doll

I heard many people use love dolls to enjoy threesome or more. It’s nice, but keep in mind that you have unprotected sex with each other. It makes no difference if it’s a sex doll. Sharing sexual objects, whether a sex doll, masturbator, fleshlight, or woman, is unsecured and dangerous.

It is best to avoid sharing a sex doll with others. However, if you are comfortable with unprotected sex with others, you can go for it. Using a condom can also help you in several ways.

Keep Away from heat and sunlight

It is a necessary component of your sex doll’s maintenance. Do not expose your sex doll to direct sunlight. Excessive heat and sunshine deteriorate the skin of your lifelike sex doll. Please make sure that it is not near a residential window and not in a car.

Sunlight contains UV rays, which are harmful to sex dolls.


Real sex dolls are entertaining, stimulating, and simple to maintain. Yes, it may appear to be a costly purchase, but they are designed and manufactured to endure a long time. Choosing a doll that genuinely excites you will transport you to another universe where you will feel thrilled and animated in your sex life. Remember that real love dolls are always eager to have fun with you. If you follow this guide and take as much care of your love doll as we suggest, you’ll have a formidable companion to share your life with year after year.

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