Dogs live in the moment, and in those moments they never failed to show us unconditional love and loyalty. The Pampered Pup knows that dogs also deserve pampering from their favorite humans.

There are times we would like to give them special things like how we enjoy special moments with a cheesecake or a steak. However, one of the ways to indulge them is to find safe food they can eat when you own one of these adorable animals. We want to review some foods your dog can eat and other ones he or she should avoid for their optimal health and wellness.

What Dogs Can Eat

We want to start by talking about some of the foods you can let your dog eat. Your dog could eat other foods, but you should research them before you give your dog anything we don’t mention in this article.


This type of meat works well since dogs will have an easy time digesting it. Chicken is a mild meat that provides plenty of flavor for a dog, so your furry friend will most likely enjoy this meal. Remember that dogs are omnivores, so they will like meat and meat-flavored foods, which is why many dog treats use meat flavoring.

However, you should keep the chicken plain when you give it to your dog. While dogs can eat chicken, you will want to avoid seasonings and sauces. These additions can upset your dog’s stomach and cause unnecessary diarrhea and vomiting. Keep it simple and easy to digest when it comes to chicken.


To add to the mild tastes dogs can eat, you can offer your furry friend some rice. However, you have a variety of rice options to choose between when it involves your dog. For example, white rice works well for most dogs since it provides nutrients, mild flavors and an easy way to make your dog full.

Depending on your dog’s stomach, you could potentially give him or her brown rice. Keep in mind that dogs with sensitive stomachs may vomit if they eat brown rice. Either way, you can give your dog some white rice if you want to provide your dog with some variety in his or her diet.

Certain Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to provide your dog more nutrients, you may wonder if he or she can eat fruits or vegetables. Keep in mind that dogs can eat some fruits and vegetables, but not all of them. This means you should do some research to look into what vegetables and fruits dogs can eat before you give any of them to your furry friend.

For example, your dog can eat apples, bananas and blueberries if you want to give him or her some fruit. You can also offer your dog some vegetables, like broccoli, spinach and carrots. You have multiple options if you want to give your dog fruits and vegetables, but you should double-check them before you give your dog any food in these categories.


If you want to provide your dog with more protein, but you don’t want to cook any meat, you can make something as simple as an egg. Eggs work well for dogs since they also provide protein, a unique taste and a mild flavor. Your dog will love eggs, though this item works better as an occasional meal instead of a daily food.

You can make the process simpler by cooking the egg in a microwave. If you do this, you should break the yoke beforehand to avoid any popping when you put it in the microwave. Just like with other foods, you shouldn’t add anything to the egg since added seasonings or flavors could end up harming your dog.

What Dogs Should Avoid

You should know that your dog needs to stay away from certain foods, so don’t let your furry friend eat these ones. Remember that there are other foods dogs can’t eat, but you should be mindful of these main ones. Either way, you should look up foods before feeding your dog something new.

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This one is common knowledge, but it’s still something we want to address. You should never let your dog eat chocolate since this food will have some negative consequences. It could even lead to sickness, vomiting and potentially death depending on how your dog reacts to chocolate and how much he or she eats.

Keep in mind that some dogs will love the taste of chocolate, but they don’t realize how much the food can harm them. This means you need to make sure your dog never gets his or her paws on it in the first place to avoid these problems. Always keep your chocolate far away from your dog, and you should never let any crumbs fall onto the ground.

Processed Foods

While your dog can eat a variety of foods, you should remember that your dog should stay away from processed foods. Dogs have sensitive stomachs, so they can’t easily digest or eat processed foods, which can lead to illness, vomiting and diarrhea. This includes processed versions of foods your dog can eat.

For example, you can let your dog eat chicken, but you shouldn’t let him or her eat a breaded chicken sandwich from a fast food restaurant. The same applies for other foods, such as easy-to-cook rice and any other processed products. In short, you should only let your dog eat natural foods while avoiding additives and other potentially dangerous substances.


Grapes are another common food you should never let your dog eat. Even if you heard about it in the past, you may wonder why dogs can’t have this food. To put it simply, grapes and raisins could lead to kidney failure in your dog. Their digestive systems simply can’t handle or process this food.

While grapes are easy to keep away from your dog, due to their size, you should keep yourself mindful of raisins. If you feed any of your kids grapes or raisins, you should watch them to make sure they don’t feed the dog. On top of this, raisins can easily fall onto the ground, so you need to be careful and alert when you or your family members eat them.


Some people think they can feed their dogs dairy without problems, but you should avoid it. Dairy can cause problems for your dog if you give him or her too much of it. The lactose in dairy can lead to stomach problems, illnesses and other negative effects you won’t want your dog to deal with.

As an added point, some dogs may be lactose intolerant, which can cause serious illness if you give your dog any dairy. This means you should avoid giving your dog ice cream, milk, cheese and similar items. It’s better to play it safe and keep your dog healthy rather than risking anything through dairy products.

While you should let your dog eat other foods at times, you shouldn’t give him or her everything on your plate. Remember that dogs will have different nutritional needs than humans, so your furry friend should stay away from certain foods. However, you can still give your dog certain foods without worrying about his or her health.

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