When making a mobile invoicing app for your business, you have to be very intentional about the themes and features you add to it. There are a lot of things you have to be careful about when adding things to your invoicing software.

You also have to keep your business theme in mind so that the app has a similar visual appearance. Also, make sure when you’re adding invoice template for Google Docs, don’t forget to add Google Docs template because it’s something everyone uses to make their templates.

You’ll have to make an extension of your software for people who want to use Google Docs as their invoice-making platform. Through Billdu, you can get this done fast and easily.

Try taking help from a professional software maker so that you have an opinion of an expert. Don’t hurry when doing this process because you might miss some important things that should’ve been added to the software.

The most important part, don’t forget about mobile devices. Many developers forget about how the software will look on a smaller screen like a mobile. Most of the software makers you use come with a mobile-first index but, in case they don’t have it, you should ask a software developer to help you with it as it can be quite hard.

Once you’re done making the software, you’ll have to host it online through a domain which might cost you a lot as the software will be big. Usually, hostings don’t cost this much but, when it comes to hosting software, the prices are a little high.

Also, don’t forget to add these important elements when designing your mobile invoicing app;



This is for the convenience of the people who will use your software. The interface is going to have a lot of things. This is why you will need a navigation bar so that it’s easier for people to find what they want. You can copy a navigation template and add it to your software but, if you want your navigation bar, you will most likely have to ask for help from a professional as it’s something hard to code.


Content is very important. The colored background won’t just do it. You can add ads about your business or maybe post a step-by-step guide on the side on how to use invoice-making software. This will help a lot of beginners to learn the invoice-making software causing one’s user experience to be fulfilled. You can maybe add pictures of invoicing machines that will match the theme and purpose of the software with it.

Overall Layout

A software’s layout is something very crucial. You want to make something that will appeal to the users of the software. People only take a few seconds to form an opinion which is why the layout should be astonishing as it’s the first thing they will see when the software loads. Keep it simple, don’t fill the home page with pointless stuff which has nothing to do with invoice making.

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