Plastic trash has been a grave problem that has led the world to face extreme danger. We have a lot of plastic around us. Whatever we purchase for our daily needs is some, or the other form is plastic. We might not understand it now, but this scrap which is led into the environment has serious consequences. Plastic waste from residential areas, industries, and others are led into oceans and rivers, affecting marine vegetation. According to UNEP, 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year! So, what’s the solution to this?

The plastic industry is constantly evolving and coming up with innovative ideas to make a recycling marketplace where this threatening plastic problem can be fought. Here we are telling you some innovative products made from recycled materials which can aid in coping with this plastic trash problem. Read the entire blog to know more!

Plastic roads

Yes! You might be surprised to hear this, but some companies are constantly trying to turn this trash into roads. To stop letting this plastic trash into oceans and landfills, companies are working in this model to try new alternatives to melt the plastic products and combine the additives to use the mixture for paving the roads. Utilizing single-use plastics by such companies will help reduce the carbon footprint.


We see huge piles of plastic waste around us. So how can we recycle it and form something useful? Well, an eco brick is the answer. Companies like Ecobrick make sustainable innovations where empty and unused bottles are filled with dried and clean single-use plastics. It is then stuffed into the brink without leaving any space in between; this creates a heavily resistant eco brick that can be used as a reusable building block for various items like tables, stages, beds, or walls.

Shelters from plastic

As the number of refugees has been increasing, it calls for addressing the problem of housing solutions for them. The University of Bath does this innovation with plastic engineering company Protomax to test and design affordable house shelters called Storm boards made of recycled plastic scrap. It helps give shelters to the homeless and is a low-cost and easy-to-make housing option. Such innovation will be apt in solving the housing problem as well as reducing the plastic trash dumping into the environment.

These are a few examples of how the world is changing, and the plastic industry is shaping and finding ways to reduce plastic dumping. We as a society need to bring the change we need, and the first thing is eliminating our obsession with plastic in every phase of our lives.

Although we need to devise campaigns to clean the beaches and oceans, it will bring positive outcomes only when we pledge to decrease plastic consumption and find correct ways to dispose and recycle the same! We need to find alternative lifestyles and practices to curtail plastic products in our daily lives. Hopefully, it will change the scenario with our constant efforts.

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