You may be a business owner looking to explore new options for your front-door security, or you may be an employee with a corporate job constantly entering and exiting work. Regardless of where you are coming from, there are a few key facts that make keyless entry systems the perfect solution for business front doors. They offer many advantages to businesses looking to increase security and convenience.

What is a keyless entry system?

A keyless entry system allows access to a building without needing keys. It usually consists of an RFID card, a keypad, and a reader for the card to authenticate with. It works by sending a signal to the keypad to open the door.

Advantages and Features of Keyless Entry Systems for Businesses


They are commonly used in buildings that are located in high-risk areas such as hospitals, hotels, and public places to prevent theft. They can also be used to reduce the hassle of carrying keys everywhere. Stealing a set of keys is relatively easy, but it is almost impossible to steal an RFID card.


They are convenient for employees and customers alike. If you work in an office with multiple doors, you know the daily struggle of carrying multiple keys. They make accessing each door convenient using one universal keycard for all doors.

Ease of Use

They are easy to use and convenient for people of all ages. Most of these systems have a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes them more intuitive for even the most inexperienced user. It is also easy to code a card that grants access to only specific people. A business could give their employees’ keycards limited access, making it possible for the system to prevent unwanted guests from entering.

Intrusion Detection

They are equipped with motion sensors that can detect if someone is trying to gain entry into your building. A person’s body heat will trigger the motion sensor, which records movement and time of entry and exit. It can be extremely helpful for businesses trying to reduce theft and keep thieves out of their buildings, but it can also be a useful tool for law enforcement.

Integration With Other Systems

They can be integrated with existing access control or fire management systems that offer a variety of features. They can also be integrated with security cameras and access control networks for better efficiency and management. In addition, they enable remote access when entering your location without carrying your card.

Multi-level Access

It can be constructed to have different access levels depending on the existing security requirements. It makes it possible for businesses to have different card readers for entering one area and a different card for entering another without carrying keys. It also has the potential of being able to control multiple doors from a single keycard.

Keyless entry systems are available for all businesses, whether you are a large corporation or a small start-up. They can be installed as a replacement for an existing system or integrated into your security solutions. The convenience of having one keycard that opens all doors comes in handy when you have to enter many buildings during the day.

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