Microsoft OneNote is one of the most popular and easy to use tools when it comes to organizers and note-taking apps. It comes freely integrated with one of the recognized operating systems. Even though there are so many plus points of this software, people look for Microsoft OneNote alternatives. One of the reasons is that to sync your notes across all your devices you need to create a Microsoft account. Also, the app is a little bit complex for beginners.

So if you are not too comfortable with the tool and want something more interesting and unique, then check out the following apps like Microsoft OneNote. Unlike OneNote, they do not take up much space and are not too resource-intensive.

7 Best Microsoft OneNote Alternatives

All of us have different ways of memorizing and organizing things. So keeping it in mind, along with the different levels of tech-savviness here are our top 7 alternatives to OneNote for 2020.


The most loved OneNote alternative that you will find in every list is Evernote. This note-taking app is brimming with features that anybody needs. The app is a complete package and allows free customization of the structure according to the user. With Evernote, you can create unlimited Notebooks with as many pages as you want. You can even share the notebook created with your friends.

apps like OneNote

Its tagging feature helps you find things as quickly as possible. But make sure you tag the notes that you might require in future while saving. The tool is best for both professional and personal purposes. The app is available for free, but if you like it, then you can upgrade to its premium version as well.   

Platforms-Windows, Android, iOS and Mac

Pricing- Evernote Basic- Free, Evernote Premium- $69.99/year, and Evernote Business- $14.99/user/month.

Zoho Notebook

Another well0known note-taking application is Zoho Notebook. It is a multi-platform tool that is packed with powerful features. It not only looks good but also gives incredible feels. The colour-coded options, vivid and elegant interface makes it a little different from the regular organizers. One of its interesting features is that it allows you to design your own covers for Notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote alternatives - Zoho

With Zoho Notebook, you can also enjoy a web-clipping tool that you can use to grab tit-bits and articles from the web easily. Also, there is no restriction of syncing the notes across devices it allows free syncing across as many devices as you want.

Platforms-Windows, Android, iOS and MAC

Pricing- Free


Bear is an exclusive iOS compatible tool. But it still deserves a mention as it is one of the best designed and popular note-taking app. This tool prioritizes it search function which is present at the top right corner of the screen. It is important as it leads you to all the places and options you want to go to. One of its unique features includes a three-pane structure.

Just like One Note you can have as many nested tags as you want and break down these tags further into different levels. However the experience with Bear is much more efficient and faster as compared to OneNote. The process to make notes is also simple than the master of the market.

Platforms-iOS, Mac and Apple Watch

Pricing- Free, $14.99 per month.


If you don’t like loud and colourful interface, then you can go with Simplenote. Unlike OneNote or Zoho Notebook, it isn’t sprinkled with garish outlines rather it is easy and classy. It stays true to its name, and do not give the option of editing the font colour, font size and more. It keeps everything simple and regular. Simplenote takes the techy route, and rely on an open-source syntax- Markdown that uses codes to create symbols.

Microsoft OneNote alternative - Simple Note

You can sync all your notes across multiple devices, share it with your friends and even upload them on the Internet. It is definitely not flashy, but one of the best Microsoft OneNote alternatives if you are looking for a subtle and no-frills notebook app.

Platforms– Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and Mac.

Pricing- Free

Google Keep

Google Keep is a product of one of the most recognized and trusted brands, but still, not many people know about this Notebook app. It is also an app like OneNote which has slowly improved over the years. Just like the previous note-taking application, it is a simple yet colorful tool. It doesn’t divide your notes into Notebooks. Rather it uses color-coding and tags to spit them up. You can call it the vibrant version of OneNote.

Google Keep - Apps like Microsoft OneNote

Google Keep is very easy to use and is thus suitable for beginners as well. It also comes with a few fancy features like you can turn the images that contain text into text files that you can actually edit. Also, its Chrome extension feature is just like the Web Clipper of Evernote that allows you to pull out information and article from the Internet.

Platforms-Android, iOS and Web

Pricing- Free


The next Microsoft OneNote alternative is not from any big brand. It is an open-source tool that is designed by people who respect and prioritizes privacy. Unlike the big names where you do not know where your data is being used, Laverna ensures confidentiality. It ensures that not even a bit of your data is stored in clouds or servers. However, with its Dropbox integration, you can sync all your notes across multiple devices or platforms.

Laverna - Microsoft OneNote alternative

It also uses the Markdown syntax and so is not quite beginner-friendly. It thus uses the syntax coding language for highlighting the purpose and so a little knowledge about it will help you. You can give Laverna a try if you have that techy mind.

Platforms-Windows, Linux, Mac and Web

Pricing- Free


The last in our list of alternatives to Microsoft OneNote is Turtl. It is best suited for those who are looking for something different from a digital Notebook. Turtl will make you remember the corky notice board that had all the important notice written on a piece of paper and pinned on it. And if you are using this app, then all your notes will be also pinned to the board. This makes the whole screen visually attractive, especially if you are using more pictures, and also help you to remember it easily.

Microsoft OneNote alternatives - Turtl

Turtl prioritizes security and so whenever you share your notes with others it creates dedicated encryption keys. It is not tweakable or deep notebook app, but it is definitely stylish and secure.

Platforms- Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac

Pricing- Free

Wrapping Up

This was our list of best Microsoft OneNote alternatives that you can try. It includes an app for bother beginners and pro users. We hope that you will find the best replacement for OneNote. Do share your favorite note-taking app with us.  




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