Are you on the fence about choosing a web or a mobile app? Do not worry! If you are determined to promote your business, you are already on the right path. However, to understand the advantages and disadvantages for both, you need to draw parallels between them, and you’ll stop showing your back to the wall.

Parallels between Two Options

1. Development

When talking about the differences between web and mobile apps, we cannot skip analyzing their modes of development. Web apps are easy to develop, while mobile ones are complex and advanced. Its development is closely correlated with the database setup, i.e., how the data flows between the database and the app. The latter has database technologies, and the most common is SQL. When the database is ready, the frontend development begins. Your web app components and elements should be paid much attention and significance. JavaScript, HTML, CSS are the cornerstones for frontend development.

There is a completely another picture for mobile app development. The latter is driven by mobile devices and their features. One advantage here is that mobile ones utilize native elements such as GPS, face ID, etc. Furthermore, mobile app developers know different screen sizes and hardware specifications well as there is severe competition in this industry and market.

Nonetheless, it is a must to mention here that there is a cross-platform development as well. So, web and mobile apps can be developed in the same technologies. For more information you can check on

3. Security

Cybercriminals develop their skills parallel with the advancement of technologies. The stronger the computers and mobile devices are, the better are cybercriminal’s options to attack them. Their attack can disable computers and devices or steal the most important data. Apps are not an exception. They are vulnerable, too. So you need to gain information about the security of both mobile and web apps to realize which one you are going to use. Firstly, web apps are loaded from the browsers. This is already a worrying sign that their security and safety are endangered. Regarding mobile apps, you know that they are downloaded from an app store. They are not at risk as these two companies have already thought about their safety and security.

4. Costs

We are always eager to develop our business and to see it prosperously grown. One significant prerequisite of a successful business is mobile and web apps. Before creating one of them, the company leaders, especially those in charge of financing and budget management, should discuss which option they need. The statistics show that for an ordinary web app, you will probably need 2000-4000$ depending on how much your project is complex and complicated. And after creation, you have to pay maintenance costs of about 20 % of the costs you allocated for development. As for mobile apps, development costs are quite high. The costs start from 10000$ and go even higher if your project has too many functions. Again there are some maintenance costs that have to be taken into consideration before starting to develop your application.

5. Speed

To understand the connectivity and speed features for each option, you first need to analyze each of them. When analyzing, we should pay attention to their functionality and operation specifications as both connectivity and speed depend on these factors. To fulfil the tasks, web apps need an application server and a database for storing the information. For this option, an internet connection is a must as it is the only way they can operate. However, when you don’t have time to lose, you still need an app to make use of. Here, mobile apps are a perfect choice for you. One of the good benefits of mobile apps is the fact that they work faster, and this is due to the functionality again. Mobile apps store the data locally on the device.

6. Updating

Regarding the updates, there is a difference between mobile and web apps, too. Before choosing which of them to develop, think about the so called difficulties that can come to your path during the maintenance. Web apps are easy to handle. They don’t require anything by your side as they are updated automatically. Meanwhile, mobile apps require updates every now and then. For some, it is not hard to make the updates following the steps of the guidelines, but others give importance to the fact that you don’t need to deal with the updates.


Looking over the development and characteristic differences of these two options, we may once again claim the essential idea that it is up to YOU to decide which one is more suitable for your business taking into account website design and development services. Consult with your company experts, discuss the details with them and try to figure out your targeted audience. The results that you gain after this meaningful discussion will lead you to make the right choice.

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