Are you struggling to find an apt name for your wifi? If yes, then the struggle is real! It seems like an easy task, but in reality, it is not. You may be confused between so many names suggested by all of your friends at the same time. The idea of making your people laugh just by reading your wifi name is a fantastic one and you must go for it. Here, we are suggesting 500+ funny wifi names, so that you can choose your favorite. 

funny wifi names

Funny wifi names 2020 for teens

In the list below, we are suggesting you some of the best and funny wifi names that you may want to go for as a teenager. 

1. I don’t like your Music 

2. Go to Hell

3. You are Funny

4. Let’s Go

5. My Own Damn WiFi

6. You are Eating my Food

7. Do not ask for Password

8. Talk less and Work more.

9. I Believe Wi can Fi

10. Modern Family

11. Happy Family

12. No Food for you

13. Do not Eat Today.

14. You are my Crush

15. You are my Favorite

16. I like you a lot

17. Hello Neighbor

18. Bye Bye

19. I love Eating

20. I love Food

21. Free WiFi

22 Will you Marry me 

23 Pay me for WiFi 

24 Get a Life 

25 Yummy 

26 Hello! There 

27 Getoffmylawn 

28 Don’t even try it 

29 Log in here! 

30 Get your own WiFi 

31 Pay me now 

32 Go and Take Rest 

33 Not again! 

34 Go home 

35 Feel like Sleeping 

36 feel like Crying 

37 I Don’t like You 

38 No Free WiFi for you 

39 Go and die 

40 OK!bye 

41 You are Sad 

42 You are Idiot 

43 You are Bad 

44 Why don’t you get your own WiFi? 

45 Do you like me? 

46 WiFi so Serious? 

47 Revenge of the WiFi 

48 Don’t ask for Password 

49 OK! Go Now 

50 You are not Amazing 

51 Bill!Bill! 

52 Use this One 

53 I Hate my Neighbor 

54 Get your Free Virus here 

55 Let them Use it

56 Tell her I love her

57 My neighbor is thief

58 Go and walk

59 Beware

60 Get lost

61 Free Internet

62 I am amazing

63  No penny

 64 Bad Internet

65 Walk walk

66 My dog is dangerous

67 Don not ask

68 I am missing you

69 OK! 

70 Are you mad?

71 KungFupanda

72 Why so crazy?

73 Cartoon Network

74 I love you

75 You know that I love you?

76 This is hilarious

77 Same same

78 The world is crazy

79 Oh! You again

80 Darknight

81 You are cartoon

82 Go home tourists

83 Bring me coffee

84 Do not come here

85 Free for a day only

86 Bring me tea

87 Give me a gift

88 First of all, Bye!

89 Why are you like this?

90 You know  that I miss you

91 You should go

92 Beggar you!

93 How have you been?

94 Very slow Internet

95 It doesn’t work here

96 Don’t disturb me

97 Please don’t ask

98 You are annoying

99 You are irritating

100 Hahahaha

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Wifi Names for Girls

girl looking for a funny wifi name

If you’re a girl and searching for funny wifi names that suits your thoughts, you can try considering some of the names listed below. 

1 I love my hair, Don’t you?

2 This is my place

3 I am daddy’s princess

4 This world is mine

5 I love pink

6 Don’t ask, NO!

7 Girls are the best

8 Fairy tale

9 No password for male chauvinists

10 Let it be!

11 I am pretty

12 Gossip girl


14 I want to shop

15 I am craving for food

16 Pizza is the best

17 Get me a hair clip

18 Where is my pink nail paint?

19 Fantastic 5

20 Girls never lose

21 Soul sisters

22 She is my bestie

23 I don’t care

24 Who are you?

25 Are you mad?

26 Pimples and acne

27 Lets go to parlour

28 Beauty parlour

29 Funny!

30 Girls love books

31 Are you a reader?

32 let’s bunk

33 Can you be my best friend?

34 Friends forever

35 Moms are the best

36 World is pink

37 We all are sisters

38 Butterflies 

39 No way!

40 You are crap!

41 Butter and flies

42 Flawless

43 Pink is your color

44 Go get the haircut

45 I love birds

46 You are clumsy!

47 I don’t like mess

48 Merry Merry go round

49 Let’s play hide and seek

50 I am selfie queen

51 I like the way I am!

52 Don’t!

53 Twilight is love

54 I will not

55 My life my rules

56 Reader

57 You’re sick

58 Cupcakes are cute

59 Cooking is my idea

60 Gossip queen

61 Don’t irritate me

62 No, you’re not here.

63 I can make my own money

64 Heavens 

65 I am mean

66 Walnuts and waffles

67 Mean girl!

68 Blue is better than pink

69 Iamblush

70 It’s love all around

71 K-pop idols

72 I love Lee Min-ho

73 Right is wrong

74 Own terms

75 I am horror

76 I love spider man

77 Don’t act over smart

78 I am not marrying you

79 I am pink!

80 You are here! Again!

81 I have the best gang

82 Everyone like me!

83 I am precious

84 Pearls like me

85 I don’t have Bluetooth

86 Girls are funny

87 I love brownies

88 My family is funny

89 we all are mad

90 You’re creepy

91 You and I, are different


93 I love my papa

94 Angel from every angle

95 Yes! You are cool

96 I know it’s cool

97 Life is funny

98 You’re cheesy

99 Flora and fauna

100 I have my own garden

Wifi Names for boys

boy looking for funny wifi names

For boys, we’ve created a separate list to choose from. You may select from the list if you want some funny and creepy wifi names at the same time. 

1 I want PUBG

2 Give me your password in return

3 I don’t act cool

4 Hey! Bye!

5 I am coolest here

6 Video games are my type!

7 Pizza-hurt

8 Life is huh!

9 IamDrake

10 King is here

11 No, I am not crack

12 Hurt me here

13 This is not free service

14 PUBG is my life

15 Why do you always act like this?

16 You are nobody

17 I am hunk

18 Johnny Bravo here!

19 I caught you!

20 I am the best one here.

21 No, You are not allowed

22 Life is hell

23 I am at work, DND

24 Funniest of all

25 Avengers

26 Dark Knights

27 Don’t challenge me

28 Challenge accepted

29 It’s a dry day

30 Mom scolds me daily

31 My mom is the best chef

32 I am mama’s boy

33 I am scared of dad

34 My dad is strict

35 Mama-papa 

36 The He-Man

37 I am watching you

39 I am creepy

40 You are creepy

41 I am star boy

42 A true-gamer for life

43 Don’t mess with me

44 Haha! I fell down today.

45 This is me

46 I am disaster

47 I know you hate me

48 Get a life!

49 I am done.

50 I am over-smart

51 I am watching Avengers

52 I love drake

53 Darkness

54 Bleed blue

55 Let’s play cricket

56 Cricket is fun!

57 I wanna be like a Hugh Jackman

58 It’s a coincidence only

59 Black is love

60 OK, Yes

61 Autumn is my season

62 I believe in myself

63 I am Mr. Bean

64 Are you a joker?

65 Have we met before?

66 It’s me, The hunk!

67 Abraham Linkyn

68 Titanic is my ship

69 Free WiFi? No!

70 Iron Man here!

71 Do you want to get beaten up?

72 Not so single

73 Hogwarts Express

74 Hermione is my love

75 I am the prisoner of Azkaban

76 It’s not over

77 I am Harry!

78 Better luck next time

79 How are you?

80 You do not have an access

81 My gang is the best of all

82 I’m the gang leader

83 Sorry for my attitude

84 I’m not your type

85 I am angry

86 Do not touch my WiFi

87 WiFi is my wife

88 Why are you angry?

89 WiFi is mine

90 Stay Away! This is my wifi

91 Don’t even think of free wifi

92 Want free WiFi?

93 I am not giving up

94 Life is fun

95 I’m working 24*7

96 This is my area

97 My world of friends

98 I am rude

99 Do not ask

100 Don’t be a beggar!

Wifi Names for K-Drama Lovers

funny wifi names for K-Drama lovers

Are you a Korean drama fan? If yes, then you can try some names related to K-Dramas only. You must express your love for K-Dramas to the whole world. 

1 I am Weightlifting fairy

2 Are you watching K-Drama?

3 K-Dramas are life!

4 Nobody is like Kim Woo Bin 

5 I am K-Drama lover

6 This K-Drama is Hilarious 

7 Find yourself a good drama to watch

8 Song-Song Couple 

9 Cheese in the trap

10 What’s wrong with secretary Kim?

11 Kim Woo Bin is my crush!

12 You can kill me and heal me

13 have you watched Heirs yet?

14 Descendants from the Sun

15 Now that I see my light!

16 I’m Pinocchio

17 My Love is from another star

18 I’m a strong woman!

19 Ji Chang-Wook is the most handsome

20 I am falling for K-pop idols

21 I’ m watching emergency couple

22 Are you a doctor stranger?

23 K-Drama obsessed!

24 My Sun-bae is the best

25 He is my Oppa

26 DND, I’m watching my K-Drama

27 Hahah! This drama is funny

28 Are you too obsessed with K-Drama like me?

29  K-Drama are all time fun

30 Yes, this is my type of drama

31 He is funny Oppa

32 I will watch all K-Dramas

33 K-Dramas are my world

34 The Lonely and Great God

35 My hyung is the best

36 She’s like a Korean fairy

37 Why are K-Dramas so perfect?

38 K-pop is my love

39 I am falling for Jee Chang Wook

40 Stay away! I am watching a K-Drama

41 Loving K-Dramas

42 Healer is love

43 I’m woman of dignity

44 Are there jewels in your palace?

45 K-Drama or Thai?

46 Suggest me a K-Drama

47 Watch K-Drama now!

48 You’re not like my K-Drama crush

49 K-Drama world!

50 Act like Song Joong-Ki

Funny wifi cartoon names

Funny wifi names for cartoon lovers

We all have that never-ending love for our favorite cartoon characters. You can try some names that show love and dedication for cartoons in your wifi names that are funny and playful at the same time. 

1 Scooby doo, let’s go

2 You’re cartoon

3 I’m but and you’re bunny

4 I’m a toon freak

5 Cartoons are love!

6 Tom n Jerry all the time

7 I am an adult and still watch cartoons

8 I’m watching Dora, so what?

9 Love cartoons

10 My love for cartoons

11 My friend is daffy duck

12 You mickey!

13 I’m a blossom

14 Let’s play winnie

15 Shaggy Rogers

16 Mr. Sylvester here

17 Pink Panther is my title!

18 Mom calls me shinchan

19 Spider man is here

20 fight like a Popeye

 Wifi Names for Foodies

Funny wifi names for food lovers

Are you a foodie? Well, we all are! When you’re a foodie, all you want is food. Try naming your wifi with some funny wifi names related to some tasty eatables.

1 Always hungry

2 Give me popcorn

3 Milk and honey forever

4 Pizza is bae

5 Wi-fry chicken

6 we’ve got the lunch

7 Invite me for good food

8 give fries take wifi

9 Cheeses take the wheel

10 Panic pistachio cake

11 Daily butter

12 coffee and water

13 The Food

14 Food forever

15 In relationship with chocolates

16 Noodle is the cure

17 Chicken and butter

18 Go get me tea

19 loading…lunch

20 Eat pray love

21 Dinner ready?

22 Love and food

23 cream and cake

24 Always ready for cupcakes

25 happy food

26 hey! Foodie here

27 Don’t ask for wifi, I’ll ask for food

28 eating donuts

29 Grab a burger

30 Italian or Chinese?

31 grab a crab

32 born to eat

33 Don’t ask me for food and wifi

35 Life is food, Food is life

36 Happiness lies in food

37 Food-freak

38 Creepy and foody

39 Cold drink and fried

40 Get me some cheesecakes

Wifi Names for Everyone

wifi names for everyone

But, at last, we’ve a list that suits all of you. Anyone can pick funny wifi names from this one. 


2 Virus is here

3 Work and talk

4 You’re wifired!

5 A bunch of wifiness

6 You’re a wifi beggar

7 tag yourself

8 I’m not giving you my wifi

9 Sing a song

10 Play guitar

11 Battle of the bandwidth

12 Modem family

13 Wi believe I can Fi

14 Cut your lawn

15 Ready to browse

16 Access denied

17 Cash is king

18 Get out now!

19 Free public wifi

20 I love you my wifi

21 Brave little router

22 I’m in love with my wifi

23 The matrix

24 I am feeling bad

25 Let them use it

26 I’ll sue you

27 Silence of the LANs

28 Searching….

29 Loading…..

30 Connecting….

31 No connection

31 Connection lost

32 Very funny

33 The triwizard Internet

34 Dora the Internet Explorer

35 World wide spider-web

36 Don’t talk

37 I’m not talking to you

38 I am not praying for you

39 I don’t like you guys

40 You will regret this

41 Area 51

42 The liar next door

43 Access denied

44 The creep next door

45 My router, not your’s

46 Pay me for the free wifi

47 Nothing comes for free

48 Poor you!

49 Click here for no viruses

50 Once upon a time!

51 Long time no see!

52 I remember you!

53 This Internet is not good

54 Ask someone else

55 I don’t know you

56 Please don’t use my WiFi

57 Get your own wifi

58 Bob the builder here

59 Are you there?

60 OK! No problem

61 I will complain about you

62 You make my life hell

63 Luke! I’m your wifi

64 Password is…..

65 Not a meth lab

66 Hack if you can 

67 Ex-wifi

68 LAN solo

69 No food for you

70 Super thank for asking

71 My wifi is not free for you

72 You click, I pay

73 Your session has expired

74 Connection timed out

75 Choose a network

76 wifi expired

77 Try again!

78 Don’t even try!

79 Error

80 I’ll block you

81 Billion Dollar Wifi

82 This is restricted area

83 Unknown device

84 Prohibited

85 You’ve failed the test

86 Go Now

87 Restricted

88 Bluetooth, Not wifi!

89 Hall of justice

90 Lansanity

91 Not your wifi

92 Are you a human?

93 Hello stranger!

94 Pennyless

95 Stop asking all the time

96 Creepy creature

97 Hot Wi

98 Great hall wifi

99 Go away! Go away!

100 You’re not that!

So, here are some of the best and funny wifi names that you can consider while choosing a name for your wifi. Select and amaze everyone around you.

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