One of the most iconic pieces of weaponry in fiction. Everything noble about the sword, combined with the awe of the science fantasy universe that Star Wars built. Here today, we’re going to have a look at some one-of-a-kind, unique lightsabers.

It’s a shame that fans who have never enjoyed exploring the endless depths of Star Wars lore might not be familiar with some of their intriguing designs. The force warrior weapon of choice has seen some weird and wonderful creativity over the years.

There are plenty of standouts to cover. Some are classics, and some are almost radical in their design. These are the lethal light-emitting blades that stand out amongst their kin.

You Can Not Beat the Classics

A Star Wars purist will make the argument that you can’t beat the classic saber. After all, it’s the single-bladed sensation that started a revolution.

Obi-Wan described the lightsaber as an elegant weapon. A weapon for a civilized age. We’re inclined to agree on the standard saber being the classiest of all the styles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep things interesting.

We’re going to take a look at a few of the spins that have been put on the classic.

The Count’s Curved Handle

It’s only fitting that we mention Count Dooku’s curved saber hilt as the first item on this list. After all, if the single-bladed saber is the essence of class, then who else can we look to for that?

Sure, his involvement with Anakin was a large part of why Vader was born, but he sure did have a nice lightsaber!

At first, it might look like your standard lightsaber, but look a little closer and you’ll see the defining feature. It has a curved hilt, personifying Dooku’s air of refinement and superiority.

You can pick up your very own Dooku lightsaber if you feel like impersonating Darth Tyranus himself. As one of the most magnificent lightsabers, you’ll feel positively Sith-like when you finally get to wield it.

The Surprise Crossguard

Putting this one under the classic list might be a little bit of a slap in the face, but it is a single-bladed saber. Kind of, maybe?

Everyone will remember the trailer for the first Disney-produced Star Wars movie. The hype was real, and that hype doubled when we saw the debut of the lightsaber used by Kylo Ren.

At first, everything seemed normal. A red Sith lightsaber, check. An intimidating demeanor, check.

Then the crossguard pops out. The design is very medieval, sporting two extra emitters at the side. It was the first time we had ever seen anything like it, and even though it doesn’t look all that practical, it’s very unique.

Here Comes Trouble, Make It Double

If there’s anything better than one lightsaber, it’s two!

Sacrificing the nobility of the previous weapon class, we move into the realm of the dastardly dual-wielders!

You already know who is getting a special mention here, so without any further ado, let’s meet the saber that popularized doubling up.

Watch the Backswing

We can’t make a list of unique lightsabers without mentioning the saber that Darth Maul debuted with in Episode One.

A lot of people had criticisms of the prequel trilogy, but seeing the red-faced Zabrak warrior reveal the second side of his hallmark weapon was glorious.

Ever since that initial reveal, the double-bladed lightsaber has made multiple appearances in various pieces of Star Wars media. It has seen its fair share of unique interpretations, but none more fantastical than the one that spins!

That’s right, the elite dark side agents of the Inquisitorious wielded lightsabers that were not only double-bladed, they were also spinning. Powered by a rotor in the middle, these sabers could turn into a windmill of destruction.

Although having a spinning wheel of kyber crystal-fueled death sounds fun, using one looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Look, Mom, Both Hands

From double-bladed to ambidextrous. Up next, we have the lightsabers that come in pairs.

“This isn’t unique, it’s two normal lightsabers!” I hear you cry.

Okay, okay, you might be right in most cases. When it comes to Maris Brood though, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Brood didn’t get much of a spotlight in the franchise, but she deserved one on the strength of her sabers alone. Not only did her saber hilts support a reverse grip style, but they also had a very particular shape!

Her lightsabers hilts are in the shape of a tonfa, a weapon belonging to Okinawan martial arts. They’re one of a kind and more than deserve to be on this list.

Weird and Wonderful Unique Lightsabers

A fair warning to brace yourself here, purists. We’re about to go off-road with our unique lightsabers.

First up is the weapon of choice of Star Wars newcomer Ezra Bridger. This character took never bringing a knife to a gunfight to heart. Instead of a lightsaber, Bridger had a lightsaber blaster hybrid!

If you thought that is as bizarre as these unique lightsaber designs can get, then you are wrong!

It’s a Star Wars lightsaber that would make a certain vampire-slaying character from another franchise feel right at home. It’s the light whip! This lightsaber whip hybrid deserves some more love from the series.

In the lore, it works by producing plasma through a series of flexible containment shields. That’s the science, but the most important thing is that it looks awesome.

Stay On The Light Side

There are a lot of other unique lightsabers out there, but we’re hopeful that you stumbled across one you’ve never seen before on this list. There’s something even more important than a lightsaber to a Jedi, though.

That oh-so-important thing is reading more of the blog! Do you know who doesn’t like reading? The Sith.

We’ve got plenty more articles, on topics like Technology and Gaming just to name a few, so take a look around!

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