For a bright Hollywood smile, it’s easy to opt for an affordable and quick whitening teeth solution. The problem is these whitening solutions may cause greater harm than good. Among the freelance dealers willing to offer insane discounts are novices who would do anything to get the customer list going. In contrast, licensed dentists must adhere to the highest safety standards to safeguard their clients. Therefore, your dentist should incorporate teeth safety in the whitening solutions by tailoring them to suit your needs.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It is the process of eliminating the discoloration on teeth to restore the white color. As the years go by and we start to lose our grip, our teeth also turn yellow. Other factors that cause discolored teeth include the type of water you drink. Another is your lifestyle, with smoking and poor dental hygiene being the first culprits. When you visit your dentist, they will get to the root of the issue for guidance on the suitable whitening treatment for you.

Are all Teeth Suitable for Whitening?

The simple answer is no. However, the correct answer is that not all teeth are suitable for these procedures immediately. Although it is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, teeth whitening cannot lead to an emergency or essential treatment. That means, if you have any dental issues like tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease, they must be addressed first. While whitening is the main objective, whitening unhealthy teeth can have detrimental effects with lasting damage.

Before starting the treatment, your dentist should inspect your teeth to smoke out cracks, holes, or any other underlying condition unknown to you. Have you undergone a dental treatment like fillings, veneers, or crowns in the past? These will also affect the administration of your teeth whitening program. Regardless, a detailed inspection and dental records enable the dentist to design the best treatment for your particular case.

What is the process? What are my options?

For most teeth whitening programs, there is the application of a three-step process. Specific systems even ensure convenience without compromising on comfort. A perfect example is a system that can cater to patients with busy schedules. Generally, here is the process:

  • In-office whitening

Being the first step, it is the shortest phase. The dentist will apply a peroxide gel on your teeth, letting the gel sit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Usually, a laser is used to activate the gel.

  • Custom mouth trays

At the beginning of your dental appointment, your dentist should take the molds of your teeth and set them aside. The molds have to fit your teeth perfectly. Once you complete the first step is when the molds come into play. They support the application of another bleaching gel to the teeth. This should last roughly one hour.

  • Home treatment

The home care plan is the most convenient stage for patients. Your dentist will provide a mild peroxide with instructions on using it at home. Not to worry, as the home treatment gel is totally safe for self-administration. For this step, it’s hard to determine when you finally reveal your white teeth since the duration is unique for everyone.

What about DIY teeth whitening?

Each teeth whitening regime is different for every patient. With the exemption of professional dental consultation, designing a suitable and sustainable treatment program is easier said than done. Contrary to the assumption from bulk commercial teeth whitening treatments, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t address any underlying issues.

Before administering a DIY whitening solution, contact a reliable dentist for worthwhile results. The dental clinic should have several mild gels and treatments approved by the Australian Therapy Goods Administration (TGA).

What results can I expect?

Everyone has a unique dental makeup meaning that results are different as well. Additionally, the duration and treatment form also influence the outcome greatly.


While white teeth and a brighter smile are the main order of the day, always opt for a dentist concerned about developing a healthy and sustainable solution for long-lasting results. They should be highly trained and experienced, focusing on offering you a customized treatment. Your bright Hollywood smile is a dental clinic away!

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