If you are looking for Showbox alternatives, then you would be aware of what a terrific and popular app it is. All movie fanatics would have used the Showbox app to stream TV shows and movies.

To stream movies and more, Showbox is more than enough. The Showbox is an online platform where you can stream unlimited content from any device say laptop desktop and even your smartphone. But if you are bored now, or are facing some problems due to huge traffic then you can check out these alternatives to Showbox.

10 Best Showbox Alternatives for 2020

There are tons of online media streaming apps and services that offer a wide range of TV shows and movies. Here are some of the options that you can opt for if are thinking of ditching Showbox this year.


Stremio is one of the best Showbox clones that allow you to stream content from legit sources rather than the dubious ones. It provides streams from iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and more. It has a neat User interface, and is similar to the others and looks the same on every device. It hosts everything in one app and presents it to you. Just like Showbox, Stremio too performs well on all platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

It is a reliable and stable app, to which you can even add your content stored locally.


The exact clone of Showbox is CinemaBox that not only has a similar basic name but is also similar in functionality. It gives you the same feels as the Showbox app, creating an instant connection. This works great for the app, as a sort of comfort is created and in no time you will be able to run it.

CinemaBox, apart from online streaming also allows offline viewing. It is definitely a useful feature for travelers and who don’t have the facility of regular Wi-Fi. Its UI is minimal and user-friendly. All the options are available at one click and you can access the content from the main screen.


While most f the apps in the list are similar to Showbox, Crackle is one movie streaming service that comes with few standout features. It is an established app that lets you play TV shows and movies, just like the other services. In addition, you can also create a playlist of your favorites. Yes, it allows you to do so. This feature is extremely helpful for those who are binge-watching TV series. So you can keep a track of what you were watching.

Even the Crackle app is easy and straightforward in its features. The UI is clean and easy to use. All the streams are categorized on the home screen from where you can sort the content according to your choice. In terms of both content and usability, Crackle is a tough competition.

PlayBox HD

Another great Showbox alternative is PlayBox HD. The app works great for both iOS and Android. It not only looks and feels like MovieBox and Showbox but also works well.  On PlayBox HD you will find a lot of content in high definition, which makes your experience much better especially on newer phones and on larger screens. Apart from this, there are a lot of similarities between the two.

The UI of PlayBox HD design is neat while the menus and navigation are simple. And if you have a strong Wi-Fi, then even the categories will populate quickly. So streaming becomes fast and without any buffering. So your experience will mainly depend on your network, other than that the app is pretty smooth.

Terrarium TV

If you are using Showbox for a long time now, then you can try Terrarium TV as a substitute. It is an equally great app for all movie buffs. Terrarium TV provides its users with content via the Internet using its sleek and clean UI. One downside of the app is that it is available on for Android platform. You can easily download it from its official website.

Terrarium TV basically gets you the links to the content that you wish to watch. You can then stream it from your home. Also, you need not worry about the quality of the links, as Terrarium TV is known to provide only high-quality video content. So if you love Showbox, then I’m sure that you will love this as well.


Kodi too is considered as one of the alternatives of Showbox. Many of you might be wondering how an open-source media streaming service be listed here. But the various Kodi add-ons, as you might know, allow you to stream content of all kind for free. Just like Showbox, you can install Kodi and then get add-ons according to your needs. Kodi can be installed and run on all platforms like Android Windows, Firestick and iOS.

The feature of Kodi is similar to Showbox. Though some people might feel the process to be complicated, there are complete guides that will help you fix it. You can even alter the surface according to your preferred theme. But make sure that you install a DNS server or a VPN service to protect yourself online.


One more streaming service that is gaining popularity nowadays is Mobdro. This streaming service offers various television channels that you can stream on your devices, and smartphones without any hassle. Also, all the services are completely free. It easily fits into the screen of all sizes, from mobile, computer, tablets and TV screens.

Another interesting feature is Chromecas, using which you can even stream the channels on TV. In addition, you can even install Mobdro on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Kodi, and Roku. Recently, its TV mode was launched, so now you can enjoy the premium service. So you can now stream different categories of live TV channels from sports, movies, music, games, news, podcasts and more.


Hulu is a widely acclaimed media streaming service that offers a highly updated series of contents. It definitely serves a place in the list of apps like Showbox. It is known mostly for its swift update of content, without any delay.

Hulu’s easy and quick streaming of content lets the viewers binge-watch their movie and TV shows in a click. However, its web-based only feature might be trouble for some. And in addition, all these services come a little costly for some.

Freeflix HQ

Another Showbox substitute that has immense popularity is FreeFlix HQ. Being a free service it doesn’t fall short of the amazing features. It is packed with sharp definition and crystal clear camera.

The UI of the application is simple and easy to navigate. It provides you with the latest movies as it updates itself on a regular basis. However, only one downside of the app is that you cannot download it directly from the Play Store. You will have to download the APK file of the app and install it on your device. Though this is not a thing to be worried about for many, still it seems to be an issue for some.

Bobby Movie Box

The last one in our sites like Showbox list is Bobby Movie Box. The name seems to be a little weird but it an immensely popular and accomplished alternative especially for iPhone. It is a stable service that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies. Known for its slick interface, and a cool blue color, the Bobby Movie Box works very smoothly, almost like a fluid.

There is a search bar in the center, with all the trending movies featuring on the main page. You can sort everything from the bottom control, and you are just good to go. Not only the UI, but the design is also clean and reflects the ecosystem of iOS.

Wrapping Up

While some of the apps can be downloaded directly from Play Store, some need an APK file. So whatever the case may be, just be safe while you choose an alternative. All these services are very close to Showbox and work very well.

So guys let us know about these streaming apps, and if we missed out on your favorite app then share it with us in the section below.

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