Splitsvilla 12 has finally got its winner. The roller coaster journey of the contestants who have been going through some tumultuous tasks, emotional outbursts, fights have come to an end. The twelfth installment of the Indian dating reality show aired on MTV. The show started with fifteen boys and ten girls who came to test their “best shot at love” and now they have a winner.

Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone were the hosts of this season as well. If you have been following this show, then I’m sure you would like to know who won the title. So check it out now.

Splitsvilla Season 12- Priyamvada and Shrey Wins the Trophy

The finale of Splitsvilla 12 was recently held and it was a tough fight between Meisha Iyer -Ashish Bhatia and Priyamvada Kant -Shrey Mittal. Ashish and Meisha were the first ideal match of the show and from then they have like ruled every task. The two enjoyed various powers as the chosen one, but unfortunately, the trophy was not in their stars.

Yes, Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal, aka the very cute Shrey and Pri won the show, beating Ashish and Meisha by 26 seconds in the final task. The two had a cute love story in the show, and according to the fans they very well deserved the trophy.

MTV Splitsvilla 12- The Finale Task

The final task of Splitsvilla 12 was a time-bound test checking both the physical and mental abilities of the finalist couple. Meisha Iyer and Ashish Bhatia pitted against Priyamvada and Shrey. As the task was time-based, the most popular couple of the show, Pri and Shrey knocked out the chosen ones by 26 seconds and won the title.

The journey of our winners was not easy. But their love and chemistry were always appreciated by the judges, fans and the fellow splitsvillans. The finale episode aired on 17th January on MTV.

Wrapping Up

It’s the wrap of another season of Splitsvilla. The show will be back with another season of love, fights and a lot of drama. Till then stay tuned.

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