One of the Netflix’s hit Spanish-language drama Elite, is officially going to be renewed for the fourth season. Although the big change is going to be in the cast members as all the characters will not be making a comeback in Elite Season 4.

Élite is a Spanish based thriller teen drama series which made its debut on online platform Netflix in 2018. Netflix’s Elite is going to make a coming back for a fourth season, however many of the main characters from the past seasons won’t be back for Elite Season 4.  The series than has received a lot of praise from the audience making it the best performing series. The series was created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona.

What is Netflix Elite Series all about?

Spanish drama Elite is centred on boarding school which is an elite private school called Las Encinas. In season 1, Las Encinas took on three scholarship students after when a school in the working-class area of the city collapsed. The first season narrated the story which became the ultimate central mystery of all the seasons.

In the first episode, the murder of Marina, one of the students took place. The suspense and thrilled continued as season 2 covered Samuel’s disappearance, and season 3 tried to solve Polo’s murder. Then following the two paralleling timelines: the aftermath of the murder, events leading to it, and finally the identification of the murderer revealed in the season finale.

All the following three seasons featured emotions of love, sex, relationship drama, and other normal teenage troubles along with friendship, jealousy, secrets and the desire for revenge. It also featured the threat to destroy lives that were really just about to begin.

Elite Season 3 Review

Season 3 of Élite gave closure to some of its main characters. It witnessed many of the characters moving ahead with their lives and careers. Since then many of the fans have been wondering if there would be a fourth season and how the series would continue without its main group.

Fortunately, Netflix renewed Élite fourth season, although new characters will be introduced, some old cast will also be back.

Élite Season 4 Renewed Cast

The makers of the show took the official twitter account to announce the news with a video of the season 4 cast. They also shared that the show is going to be more intense, and there are going to many new things coming up.

There are a few main cast members who will not return, including El Hammani, Ester Expósito, Danna Paola, Jorge López, and Álvaro Rico while regular cast members will make a comeback with reprise roles, which will include Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas and Georgina Amorós.

The change in the cast is not a huge surprise, for a handful of cast members have already left the show during its first three seasons, and the two main characters being killed off.

What is the Elite season 4 release date?

There is no official announcement regarding an Elite season 4 release date yet. The season 3 was launched on March 13th in 2020. As it is already in production, season 4 could be expected to get a release in Autumn this year or Spring next year with almost eight episodes as usual.

What will happen in Elite Season 4?

Elite season 4 with a predominantly new cast will come with a new plot as well although not much has been revealed yet. Given that season 3 ended with Guzmán, Samuel, Rebeca, Ander and Omar all still at Las Encinas, it is assumed that the season 4 will explore their life and they cross paths with a whole new set of students.

Is there an Elite season 4 trailer yet?

Currently, the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Elite has not yet been dropped.

Wrapping Up!

Stay tuned on this page to get all the latest news and updates for Netflix Spanish drama Elite Season 4.


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