There are different types of dogs in terms of food. Some are forced to eat, and others can eat as long there is food in their bowl. Finding the right balance between food nutrition and the amount of food you should give your dog is the ultimate goal in order to keep your dog healthy.

Surprisingly, more than 50% of dog owners give their pet food if they beg for it and more than a quarter of pet owners overfeed their pets just to keep them happy, which is very wrong. Such actions can lead to obesity and cause many health problems for your pet.

In today’s article, we will dig deeper into dog food nutrition and find out some tips that will keep your dog happy and healthy at all times.

Learn More About Nutrition

The first thing you should focus on learning your nutrition. The type of food and stacks you give to your dog will determine its weight and health. Nutrition is key for determining the right portion, and the amount of food per day.

There isn’t a secret code that works for every dog. Remember, the amount of food and its calorie count varies in terms of your dog’s weight and activity. You can learn more about dog nutrition on

Know What Your Pet Gets

Every food is different and most of them are measured in calories per cup listed on the package. Once you learn more about what your pet needs to get per day, you should determine how much food will satisfy their requirements.

Make sure you have an accurate measuring cup to scoop. Most drinkware is much larger than needed which may result in many excess calories that cannot be burned resulting in obesity.

Just as we mentioned, every feeding process starts with the right calorie formula and every dog has a different one considering their weight and physical activities. If you see that your dog’s weight is climbing up, you should cut down on calories no matter what the formula says.

Adjust Their Food Intake Every Day

Most people make the same mistake of sticking to the calorie formula every day, which is wrong. The calorie formula is no law and you should adjust their food intake every day. There isn’t a rule that says that your dog should have the exact same meal every day.

You should consider their daily activities and the number of treats they receive during that day. If you are most of the time away from home, your dog doesn’t get any physical activity which means that you should cut down their calorie intake.

Focus on Healthy Treats

Most treats are similar to human cookies despite claims of containing healthy-sounding flavors like beef or chicken. However, the main ingredients are usually flour and corn and most treats are around or more calories of mainly excess carbohydrate.

Just like human cookies, they don’t come with high nutritional value so you have to be careful of what you give your dog. For some dogs, two treats can be 10% of their daily calorie requirement, so make sure you go for healthy snacks in order to avoid obesity.

In order to keep your treat calories down but still keep the excitement you can choose dried meat or vegetables. For example, freeze-dried liver or lung treats can be found in many pet stores, and they contain around 10 calories each and are packed with useful protein.

Final Words

Just like us humans, dogs cannot be programmed to eat the same amount of food every day. In order to avoid health problems from obesity, you need to keep track of your dog’s weight. You should also check the ideal weight for your dog breed at its age and make some diet changes if you notice it going under or over the preferred line.

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