If you can’t be cuddling a pet right now, then the next best option is playing a game about them. Whether your preferred pets are the typical cats and dogs, the kind of critters that you might find on a farm, or something altogether wilder, we’ve got a selection of brilliant animal-based games that you’ll love playing. Even better, they’re all available to play on PC, so even if your gaming console isn’t nearby, you’re well-catered for.

The Dog House

First up is a brilliant slot game by Pragmatic Play that’s available to play at the majority of top online casinos. This game is a simple five-reel slot with sticky multiplier wilds, making it great for those who enjoy this exciting style of game. In terms of graphics and style, this is where The Dog House really stands out, as the graphics are cute and cuddly in a cartoonish sort of way. The symbols on the reels are simple to read in an oversized style, and when one of the special symbols pops up, they’re even better. Chewy bones, leads, and a selection of dogs, including the much sought-after Doberman (that gives you 37.5 times your stake when he appears), are the special symbols. The background is cute, too, with an American Dream-style background of picket fences, neatly painted houses, and a giant dog kennel. We love this slot game because it’s simple to pick up and start playing and filled with cute cartoons. The perfect option if you’re a little pressed for time and want that hit of doggie serotonin.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has got a huge and dedicated following thanks to its adorable Pokémon-styled graphics and sweet storyline. You begin the game with a huge plot of land and a tiny cabin. The instructions from your grandfather are to grow some vegetables to make a little money. With your gifted parsnip seeds and a few rusty tools you find around the farm, you can begin your first harvest. Once you start to earn more from your little farm, you’ll be able to invest in farm buildings and buy some animals. Ducks, chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and cows will all make themselves at home on your little slice of land. Not only are the animals cute to look at, but they also help you to raise money by producing milk, eggs, truffles, and more.

Planet Zoo

If you like your animals a little on the wilder side, then Planet Zoo is going to be the game for you. This adorable game by Frontier puts you in charge of running your very own zoo. You can buy or adopt from a huge selection of animals, each of which has its own needs and presents its own challenges. For example, warthogs are easy to keep happy; with just a small habitat, a bit of mud and grass, and plenty of food and drink, they might reward you with little piglets. Giant pandas, on the other hand, need a much larger habitat with the right plants from their natural biome, plenty of bamboo, lots of enriching toys, and a shelter as well. Even then, keeping crowds away and the noise down and learning about their unique traits is the only way to encourage them to reproduce.

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