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A great way to play slots is to be aware of a very popular term like RTP. This is a value that expresses the percentage payout to the player. This value sets the provider for each slot separately. The abbreviation stands for Return to Player.

If you look at the formula, you will notice the numbers that clearly show the percentage of winnings to players and revenue gaming establishments. So, for example, if the slot which you have chosen has an Rtp of 97 per cent, then you can get back 97 percent of your bet. The rest of the money is the online casino’s profits.

But that doesn’t mean that you lose money every time you place a bet. There is such a thing as a jackpot. You could hit the jackpot and win big money. But there’s no telling when you might hit your sweet spot. Since all the slots at Jetwin casino use a random number generator. The RTP takes this fact into account going forward.

How is the RTP for each Slot Fixed?

This value is put in the slot machines by the software providers. To do this, a special code is written, which controls that the payout percentage is never decreased. After the code has been written, it has passed the tests. It goes into the hands of special people who check all the functionality and fairness of the payoff. After a successful test the slot is licensed, and only after that the gamblers get a chance to use the game .

Payouts at Online Casino

Payout percentages vary with each slot. So for example even the bonus rounds, jackpots depend on what percentage return you have chosen a slot machine.

An interesting fact is that land-based casinos have a much lower percentage of payout. This is due to the fact that they spend more money to keep the place open. And the main percentage varies in the range of 80-95 percent.

But the gaming regulator will not be able to give a slot machine licence if the percentage is too low . So don’t worry about losing a large amount of money .

If we talk about online casinos, the most popular of which is jeetwin Bangladesh . That there is always a fairly high percentage of returns . Some providers change the RTP depending on the type of slot. And some have the same value . For example, operators like Betsoft and NetEnt try to change the RTP in the range of 91-97%, while Endorphina almost always pays a payout percentage of 96 .

How to check the winning probability?

It’s a fairly straightforward operation. It requires using an easy formula. Find out your prize pool, divide it by your stake and multiply that by 100%.

If you get a value of 97, for example. Then you can think about the fact that the gambling establishment will get 5 per cent of the wagers of gamblers in the long run .

Can Online Casinos Change the RTP?

Specifically, if we are talking about a fair and legal website jeetwin online, it’s safe to say NO.

Everything on the platform has been set by the providers. The payout percentage can only be changed by the suppliers, the operators can not influence them in any way.

There is a possibility that slots could be hacked by criminals and then the percentage would change. But this possibility is less than 1 percent because jeetwin is well protected with the latest and most secure 256 bit ssl encryption.

The casino operators are closely monitored by the regulatory authorities. All gaming activity at the online casino takes place on the player’s platform, acting as an intermediary.

All of the above applies to honest, real and licensed operators. But if you find yourself on a fraudulent site. Then they regulate everything themselves and the RTP is also under their control.

Connection between Winnings and RTP

Don’t rely only on the RTP. In order to analyse it, you will have to spend some time and have some knowledge. For instance, slots with the same RTP percentage can give you winnings at different rates. However, there is a certain correlation that :

  • Slots with a high RTP have a lower chance of winning, but pay out larger amounts. Slots with a low RTP pay out prizes but for small amounts of money;
  • A high RTP usually has a higher variance, while a low one is the opposite.

Therefore, those gamblers who like to spend a lot of time playing the same slots prefer to play slots with a high RTP. That way they have a real chance of winning a large sum of money .

And beginners or gamblers who like to play a variety of slots choose the second option with a low percentage of payout.

Online casinos often feature a large number of low payout slots, as they give the player the chance to receive payouts more often. This means that the player will be keen on the percentage and stay on the platform .

Slots with the Highest RTP at jeetwin

This is one of the most popular categories on this platform among Bengal players. The slots are suitable for professional players as well as beginners who don’t know all the gambling rules yet .

Jeetwin has put together a large. collection which has been divided into categories for easier navigation . You can find slots with jackpot, sunny leone favourite , popular , classic slots, etc. .

Ranking of popular slot machines by RTP:

  1. Crazy Gold Bank – RTP is 96.6%, medium volatility, has unique features such as lots of free spins . Payline -1 ;
  2. Money Comes In – RTP is 96.3 percent, Payout Line – 1, Volatility is low to medium;
  3. Sesame Open – RTP is 96.25 per cent, payline is 243 , volatility is high ;
  4. Olympic Gods – RTP is 95.9%, payline 50, volatility – high ;
  5. Temple of Scarab – RTP 95.61, payline 25, volatility – medium .

Demo Version

If you are still new to the game and would like to play for virtual money without spending real money. The Demo version is available for you. You can try any slots, understand the winning terms, try different strategies, and all without spending any of your money. There is no need to register on the jeetwin platform.

But when you find that you are ready to play a real game and earn money, then go to the official website https://jeetwinonline.com/ and enjoy the interface process , nice music.

Have fun playing and win big!

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