Sports betting is rising with the latest technology bringing the biggest bookmakers into your home or smartphone device. More countries across the world than ever before are beginning to relax their strict laws regarding online betting, and that’s great news for sports fans hoping to make a profit while enjoying the big game, live fight, or next race due off.

The leading betting apps allow you to sign up for an online betting account, gain a username and password then gamble from anywhere in the world where betting is permitted. You can watch an NFL match at home and back the underdogs at an excellent price using your desktop computer or enjoy the thrill of betting on horse racing during a break at the office, thanks to a modern mobile betting app. The power is in your hands, and you are in control of how you bet, where you bet, how much you bet, and on which sports you bet.

Online gambling is quick, convenient, and hassle-free, but it’s not without its dangers. When enjoying a bet, you must be sure to gamble with a legal and licensed sportsbook that uses the latest online security measures to protect your identity, and you must set a staking plan and stick to it.

This article details the best ways to remain safe and protect your security while enjoying the thrills of online sports betting.

Check the law and license

The number of countries and regions that allow residents to bet on sport legally is rising, but it’s not yet universal. There are many areas where sports betting remains illegal, and you must watch out for this. Check the rules regarding online sports betting in your area or any region you intend to travel to before attempting to gamble on sports. You can do this with a simple internet search or by checking the terms and conditions on a bookmakers site. Enabling geolocation settings is another great way if you are using your smartphone.

After confirming that online betting is legal in your area, you must choose a bookie to register and gamble with. When searching for your next online sportsbook, you will be spoiled for choice with hundreds of sites vying for your attention. They may offer you top odds, a welcome bonus, free bet, and even ongoing promotions but don’t jump at the first site.

You must check a bookmaker is licensed and regulated by a respected online gambling authority. In most cases, you will find details of their license information on the homepage of their site and mobile app. Bookies will be eager to display their license number, so you shouldn’t have to go searching for it.

Check the security measures adopted by a bookie. What you want to see here is Secure Socket Layer Technology, which is the industry standard. An encryption program ensures your details are never seen by another person, including the betting site staff. You can beef up your security by creating a username and password that is memorable to you but not too obvious to hackers. This will be used each time you wish to place a bet.

Set a staking plan

Take the time to set out a staking plan each day or month and stick to it. Don’t stray from the agreed amount. This starts by deciding how much you can afford to gamble on sports. An excellent way to measure this is to ask yourself how much you would be comfortable losing to sports betting than anything else would be seen as a bonus. Don’t go over your agreed limit for that time period, and never bet when you are feeling angry or frustrated. Sports betting is dangerous when you begin to chase your losses. That’s a term used for betting more than you intended to or raising your stakes in an attempt to win back cash you have lost to betting. Don’t view sports gambling as a way to get rich, either. It should be considered an interest in your favorite sports and nothing more. If you ever feel you have a problem with the amount you are gambling, you can contact your bookmaker, and they will offer advice on the best ways to help.

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