Are you looking for an online casino that offers PayPal and have you found yourself on one of the countless sites promising you just that? Doubtful online casino testing sites that list after list discuss casinos with PayPal as a payment alternative.

Perhaps you have already registered and found that PayPal is not available to you? We know how annoying false and misleading promises are. However, we would like to point out that this is not the casino’s fault, as they, unfortunately, have no control over these sites.

Since we, the team, have no interest in misleading you and luring you with false promises to our site, we will tell you right here what this is all about.

There are very few reliable online casinos on the Internet these days that offer PayPal!

Yes, the truth is sometimes unpleasant, but don’t worry: we have gathered for you some reputable, inexpensive, and fast alternatives to PayPal, as well as reliable casinos where this payment method is still available. We’ve listed all the relevant advantages and disadvantages of the payment methods for players.

So here are Our top alternatives to PayPal at online casinos and the top 5 casinos that offer these alternatives to PayPal!

Online casinos with alternatives to PayPal | Top 5

Online Casino Bonus Benefits
1. 22 bet Casino Absolutely fair new customer bonus up to 300 €/$

  • maximum 5 €/$ per round wagerable
  • you have 7 days to wager the bonus

Turnover requirements:

Slots – 50x bonus

  • Game selection: Slots & Live Top!
  • App: web app without loading times
  • Deposit: Best selection
  • Security: Curacao License
2. Bahigo Casino
  • Deposit at least 20 €/$ and get a bonus of 100% up to 750 €/$

One has 7 days to convert the bonus.

Turnover requirements:

Slots – 40x bonus

  • Game selection: Live Casino with cashback
  • App: Super fast web app
  • Deposit: with €/$ and crypto
  • Security: Isle of Man license
  • 50 free spins
3. Playamo Casino
  • Bonus 1: 100% up to 100 €/$ + 100 free spins – bonus code FIRSTDEP
  • Bonus 2: 50% up to 200 €/$ + 50 free spins – bonus code SECONDDEP

30 days promotion period.

Turnover requirements:

Slots – 50x deposit + bonus

150 free spins for your first 2 deposits.

  • 1st deposit: 100 free spins for Lucky Lady Clover
  • 2nd deposit: 50 free spins for Lucky Blue

Turnover requirements:

Slots – 50x winnings from free spins.

4. Bet-at-home Casino
  • Super bet-at-home sports betting new customer bonus: 50% bonus up to 200 €/$

Bonus conditions:

Special promotions – bonus + deposit 4x

Without deposit

  • 15 free spins without deposit for Starburst on desktop or smartphone
  • Winnings must be wagered 40x before cashing out
  • Free spins are valid for 7 days
  • Just enter Starburst and the free spins are immediately visible

Baccarat – 300xb, Blackjack – 300xb, Roulette – 120xb, Slots – 30xb, Video Poker – 300xb

5. Interwetten Casino
  • Bonus – 100% up to 200 €/$ – On top exclusively 100 free spins on Starburst or Book of Dead.
  • Bonus – 50% up to 500 €/$ (after the first bonus is finished)

Turnover requirements:

Slots – 30x bonus

Without deposit

  • Qualifying games are slot machines
  • No deposit bonus at Interwetten: 10€ instant bonus for your registration!

If not PayPal for casinos – now what?

So, PayPal in online casinos (unfortunately) does not work like it used to. We hope that soon the situation will change and many reliable online casinos with PayPal will appear again. But what are the best alternatives to PayPal for casino players today? To do so, we have to look at exactly the advantages and disadvantages of PayPal.

Of course, PayPal is one of the most well-known providers when it comes to digital payments. The big advantage is that the money is immediately available to the customer. Thus, if you have enough money in your account, you can fund your gaming account pretty quickly. However, as mentioned, this also works via direct debit or credit card. The prerequisite for using PayPal is, of course, having a corresponding account. The online casino itself acts only as an “intermediary” here.

Of course, there can be one or the other disadvantage. For example, using PayPal is not possible without a bank account or credit card. In addition, as already mentioned, PayPal is currently not as available at online casinos as it was before. Therefore, online casino customers have to resort to another option.

If you are used to paying online mostly with PayPal and are now wondering what alternative payment method to resort to the next time you visit an online casino, we present to you here the three best alternatives to PayPal.

The 3 best alternatives to PayPal at online casinos

Skrill – Moneybookers

The Skrill payment system, formerly Moneybookers, originally from England, works on the principle of prepayment. You use a credit card or bank account (e.g. via SOFORT) to deposit money into a customer’s account. The prepaid account balance can then be used for purchases online or at online casinos offered by Skrill.

When paying through a Skrill customer account there is no need to give bank or credit card details to the merchant (the casino). The prepayment principle also protects against excessive spending and is a good alternative to PayPal. However, the prepayment model is also associated with risks: customers have to make advance payments, and the credit balance can run out or be lost if the provider becomes insolvent. However, the same problem exists with PayPal, so it cannot be considered a negative point for Skrill.


This alternative to PayPal is very similar to Skrill. Neteller is the leading provider of free virtual prepaid credit cards. Neteller mainly distributes Mastercard debit cards. Paying in the appropriate card currency for each purchase, as well as topping up card credit from your own current account, is virtually free. Charges only arise if you load the card with a different currency, don’t use the card for more than 14 months, and withdraw cash or transfer funds from an account other than your own.

If you activate your prepaid Neteller Mastercard, you can also use your Neteller account to withdraw cash at any standard ATM. Before you can use your Neteller account, however, you must of course first top up your balance. This can be done with Hilfe from a number of different payment options (e.g. credit card, other digital wallets, Giropay, etc.).


Probably the best alternative to PayPal without a bank account or credit card is the PaysafeCard. This PrePaid payment method has a special appeal: You can also buy it via SMS! It is a kind of prepaid card. You can buy it at various retail outlets as well as online or, as just mentioned, via SMS.

The cards are available with different monetary credits. When you buy the card, you get a 16-digit PIN. You can then simply enter this PIN into a special payment field in the casino and play with it. As soon as the credit is spent, the PIN and, accordingly, the card becomes invalid. PaysafeCard is safe, anonymous, and practical as cash, which can be used to pay online.

Security gaps at PayPal – Yes, they exist!

The company advertises that it is one of the most secure payment methods in the world. But is that true? We have done some research on the web and found some interesting arguments against this statement.

Over 200 million people use PayPal today. It is one of the most popular payment methods on the Internet. This also makes PayPal a popular target for so-called “phishing scams”. Since your PayPal account is linked to either your bank account or your credit card, it provides a popular target for fake verification emails. These emails are now extremely professionally designed and thus often difficult for the layman to debunk. The text is expertly written, with a real PayPal logo. Under the false pretext that something is wrong with your PayPal account, the email directs you via a link to a page that is almost identical to the real PayPal login page. On the page, you are asked to enter your PayPal login details to fix the fictitious problem. And tada, there the Internet gangsters have your login details.

For example, a 2010 investigation by computer magazine “ct” found that fraudsters could spend up to 1,500 euros with a stolen credit card number without PayPal verification. That’s the amount of money a user can withdraw from an unverified credit card. The security gap is that a small amount is charged to the credit cards of PayPal users to verify them as cardholders. However, a caveat should be made at this point: PayPal offers buyer protection. Therefore, if someone illegally hacks your account, you will be compensated for the damage caused by PayPal.

The conclusion: Online casino without PayPal – maybe even better than with!

Without a doubt, PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos. The fact that, unfortunately, very few casinos currently offer this option, however, is not a disaster. On the contrary, there are payment methods that, unlike PayPal, do not charge monstrous withdrawal fees, etc., and have the same (or even better) security standards as PayPal.

Neteller, Skrill, and PaySafeCard are our top alternatives to PayPal at online casinos, but there are other equally attractive payment methods for online casinos.

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