It is becoming more and more common in our society, especially among the young and adult population, to place bets to get money in a quick and easy way. The most common way is through bookmakers. There you can find a wide variety of bets and free bet promotion.

But what are the best platforms to place free bets? In today’s article, we list the 6 most relevant ones and, in addition, we give you a series of tips for betting on them.

Top 6 free betting platforms for 2022

On the following platforms, there is an option to bet for free. Most of them are thanks to their welcome bonuses, but some of them are simply because that’s how they work. Let’s take a look!

1. El Triunfador

This is a very simple site. Just for registering, you get 10000 coins for free. You can also participate in challenges, games, and in the casino, but it is important to bet to start winning.

2. SportsPlays

On this sports betting website, you get a free one-dollar balance as soon as you sign up. It also allows you to get money for betting by doing tasks, logging in daily, and even watching videos. Payments are made through PayPal.

3. 888casino and 888sports

888casino is one of the best-known platforms in the gambling world as it is regularly advertised on TV. It has different bonuses among which is the 100 free spins bonus in its no deposit casino. And in sports betting, we have the option to win back the first bet (up to £30) if we lose it.

4. Sportium

If you feel like placing some no deposit bets you have available the well-known Sportium which allows you to get a bonus of £11 for just registering.

5. Casino Gran Madrid Online

This is an online casino that allows you to bet the welcome bonus (£20) with no deposit + 50 free spins. You play it and if you want to continue you can do so. The first deposit is rewarded and if for example, you deposit £100 you get an extra £200 (total of £300). It’s a good option if you like traditional casinos.

6. Genesis Casino

Yet another casino where you can make some no deposit spins. When we register (and verify our identity) they will give us £10 free to do whatever we want with them.

In many of these sites, if you get down to zero, the website itself will top up your balance so you can keep winning money and prizes.

Tips on how to win money with free bets

As we are not betting money out of pocket, we do not usually apply any particular technique to win, but ideally. we should not bet randomly. Ideally, we should do it as if we were playing for real money.

We recommend you follow the tips below:

  • Don’t lose too much money (don’t leave your account with £0).
  • Do not rely on infallible strategies.
  • Don’t get obsessed and don’t bet more and more in order to recover your losses.
  • Take advantage of promotions (for example, register with sports bookmakers, welcome bonuses, low odds, and more).
  • Be aware of taxation. In some cases, maybe, you have to pay taxes on the amount.
  • Find a strategy that works for you and stick to it, but remember: bookmakers are designed for the bookmaker to win. Be careful!

Are the free betting sites reliable?

As of today, we can confirm that the above-mentioned sites are reliable, and the pay-outs arrive well and on time, according to the user reviews.

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