Experts from all over the world claim that the web development sector is growing intensively nowadays. The Business Research Company claims the mentioned branch increased by more than $74 bln from 2022 to 2023. Furthermore, the specified market is expected to rise by over 28% annually by at least 2027.

Specialists state that turnkey software solutions are in high demand worldwide nowadays. Experts recommend ordering full-cycle app-making at reputable platforms (like That’s because unchecked companies frequently deliver low-quality IT products at too high costs. So now, let us dive deeper into the key peculiarities of full-cycle app-making.

Who Is Ready-to-Operate Software For?

Such development methods suit the following companies:

  • startups and small businesses that don’t have programming departments;
  • intensively developing companies with no time to form development teams from scratch;
  • huge corporations that suffer from overload.

You may use full-cycle solutions even with no experience in programming. The described IT products fit business owners wanting to develop applications from scratch and those striving to improve existing software.

Benefits of Turnkey Software Solutions

Initially, it’s worth noting that the creation of such IT products includes all development points. As a part of the specified software making, specialists analyze your closest rivals, customize app designs according to your requirements, test applications, maintain launched software, etc. So, clients don’t have to perform additional operations after receiving ready-made apps. The other advantages of turnkey software are:

  1. Ability to save time. That’s because you don’t have to look for developers, form programming teams, and manage the development process.
  2. Ability to save money. This is due to the simplified development process. Typically, companies that offer turnkey software solutions employ specific working strategies to make their workflow smoother. As a result, it becomes more cost-effective.
  3. High probability of obtaining IT products that meet your expectations. This is because of advanced communication among programming departments as a part of the described app-making.

Additionally, it should be noted that ready-to-operate solutions by trustworthy IT companies (such as Intetics) have numerous helpful functions and don’t lag or freeze.

What Development Strategies Are Employed When Making Full-Cycle Apps?

Probably, the most popular one is the agile tactic. PMI says more than 70% of IT agencies use this method. The specified strategy implies incremental software creation. This tactic emphasizes coding team members and their interactions.

Waterfall Development Methodology

The mentioned strategy is considered a traditional one. IT teams typically use this tactic when employing the agile method is impossible. The described methodology gives great results if a project has clear purposes and stable demands.

Scrum App-Making Strategy

This method is considered an agile tactic branch. It helps simplify development stages by dividing the whole process into parts called sprints. Developers make tests after each sprint is finished. So, an IT product passes checks during the entire development process.

Final Thoughts

Using turnkey software solutions, you can save money and time. Business owners don’t need to be skilled in app-making to implement such IT products. That’s because development teams perform all necessary operations, including software launching and maintenance, to create such full-cycle applications. This makes turnkey software suitable for any business.

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