Every time you scroll through your social media, you come across videos that are trendy and receive thousands of views and likes. These videos are often short, sweet, informative, feature amazing content, and are based on topics that are in vogue lately.

These videos can be anything from a parkour, exotic food clips, to tech gadget reviews to stand-up comedy clips. All you need to do is pick a niche and follow then tips mentioned in this blog to reach great heights.

Tips To Make a Viral Video

Shooting a video that goes viral is a tough job but not an impossible one. There is a certain set of guidelines and tricks that can help you achieve the desired results.

Making great video content alone won’t be sufficient to make a video go viral. You also need to learn how to broadcast it to the masses and establish a name for yourself.

Here are mentioned some tips and the necessary elements that go into making a video blow up on social media or other platforms –

1. Devise a Story and a Cathy Intro

Before you even begin shooting for your video, a story needs to be drafted to pre-plan your events. This will help in better execution of your video content making process; it will decrease the amount of time you spend shooting the video, it will provide structural sense to the video, and will help in connecting with the audience.

You can either choose to prepare the script yourself by running wild in the fields of your creativity or simply refer to the almighty internet to help you provide some sense about topics and ideas to work on.

Creating an intro that would inspire people to watch the entire video would be a true charmer. People often judge a video by the intro it features, hence you need to keep your intro precise, catchy, informative, as-well-as convincing enough.

InVideo is an online video editing platform that can teach you how to make an intro for youtube and offer suggestions and add-ons to make it look more attractive to the masses.

2. Short, Sweet and Simple

You must remember that not only you but advertisers, entertainment networks, friends, celebrities, and cute animal video makers are all trying to get a piece of the audience’s attention. Hence, the best way to make a video that will go viral is by keeping it short, sweet, and stripped of all complexities.

Take the example of a viral video you recently came across. You didn’t Google it, but instead, randomly happened to stumble upon it as you were scrolling through social media.

These videos are often short, lasting for about 60 seconds or just a tad longer. When the video is short, not only can you summarize your story briefly, but can gain a larger audience as most people don’t want to sit through a 5-minute long video.

Any video can be a sweet video until it doesn’t cross the specified time limit bar. A long video would be problematic not only for the audience to sit through it all but for you too, as you would have to put in even more effort in stretching the video.

3. Make It Sound Helpful

Your videos can be immensely useful to the audience if they find it effective and more practical. Whether you are entertaining, educating, or guiding in general, you need to make your videos in such a way that the people consider them to be effective in real life.

If you can sell your ideas to the people, then your views are sure to rise exponentially. If you are an online tutor, make sure to throw in a few examples of practicality and real-life implementation of the concepts you teach.

InVideo can help you as a youtube video editor online to achieve desired results without breaking a sweat and falling into ambiguous technicalities of video editing.

4. Choose The Right Format

Your chances of creating a viral video depend a lot on the way you optimize it for social sharing. Your video should be in the right format in accordance with the platform or social media it is launched on.

You need to consider the type of people that would be present on that social media platform and how you would consider targeting them. For instance, 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without any sound.

A survey conducted revealed a total of 1.09 billion daily mobile users and rising at the end of 2016. Hence, it would be wise to create mobile-optimized videos so they can be viewed by a larger chunk of people.

The video optimization needs to be done in such a way that it captivates the user within the first few frames. Including text and subtitles in a video is a great way to keep people engaged who watch videos without sound, so the video can still be useful.

5. Use an Eye-catching Thumbnail

Even before clicking on the video and watching it, people would first notice the thumbnail. Social media platforms that don’t use autoplay often require the thumbnail of the next clip to be as informative and catchy as possible.

A thumbnail must be potent enough to hint the essence of the video. The thumbnail should be informative just enough that the user sees what he wants to see.

By being informative, you should rather use graphical representations like clipart, and try avoiding text because it can appear blurry on different hardware platforms and viewing formats.

6. Intellectual Headlines and Precise Content

A video will only be clicked if you manage to create headlines that appear informative and intellectual. You would need an impactful headline and content that segregates the line between clarity and curiosity.

Your short video might be catchy, and all that you had hoped for, but without proper broadcasting, it would fail to reach the masses.

People either use the element of curiosity or emotions to realize how the video would make people feel. If you can figure out what works for your viewers, you can implement that strategy in your video.

Final Words

A viral video is not merely great content, but a mixture of all key ingredients. It’s short, sweet, catchy, and unique, and is driven by a single purpose as mentioned in the title.

The thumbnail and headline need to be catchy and informative. You must remember to provide people with the motive to click your video. You have to sound useful to the people and discuss where all the knowledge gained could be applied in practical life.

Choosing the right online video editing platform will act as the game-changer for your video content, as it can add charms to your video by trimming, editing, dubbing, animating, or adding cliparts.

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