2020-2021 has been a challenging year for commercial businesses, and it’s safe to say that the field has been hit hard. But on the other hand, the economic uncertainty of the pandemic year was a catalyst for technology development and accelerated existing trends. The shift to remote working and the need to stay active online has sped up the adoption of technology in an unprecedented way in the commercial sector. It is already clear to everyone that there is no turning back. In 2022, commercial businesses will continue to rely on digital tools to help companies become more agile, more operationally efficient than ever before. In our article, we’ll tell you about three real estate tech trends.

3 Main Trends

1. More money to analyze and study customer behavior.

As most services have gone online, it has become easier to evaluate customer behavior. Big developers will spend more money on statistical analysis to understand their customers better and adapt the services to their needs. Remember that in any business, the seller-buyer relationship is important.

2. Virtual 3D tours and VR technology.

The option of online walking has been around for a couple of years, but it will take on a new breath in 2022. The majority of customers (up to 90%, according to some statistics) prefer an online tour to a real one. Using 3D modeling, it becomes possible to visualize the finished apartment with the repair. Another advantage of online tours and the use of VR technology is customer safety. Less human contact means less chance of getting sick. Also, virtual reality greatly saves both financial and time resources.

3. Stay in touch with advanced bots.

Recently, people have stopped calling. Now, it’s easier to write a quick text and find out all the information you need. New features of smart bots will help simplify communication with customers and bring sales to a new level.

In times of uncertainty, adapting to new conditions is key, and new technology helps us move forward quickly. Hopefully, 2022 will be more predictable.

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