Everyone is talking about moissanite, so should I consider it for my engagement ring? If this is you, you should know that moissanite engagement rings are here to stay. They have greatly revolutionized the jewelry industry, and still, more is yet to come. Moissanite is a huge trend at the moment. There are more and more jewelry brands growing their moissanite jewelry than ever before. 

So, are you still doubting moissanite? This type of ring is a lot more affordable than choosing a diamond option. If that is not enough reason to decide, you should know that moissanite has diamond-like properties of hardness and strength. However, to get a clear picture of why moissanite is a great alternative for diamond jewelry, read on. 

Everything about Moissanite 

The talk about moissanite is closely associated with diamonds. So, what is moissanite? It would be important to learn about moissanite to appreciate the value that it will give you in your engagement ring. Here is what you should know:

History of Moissanite

Henri Moissan discovered this precious gem in 1893. He later discovered that it was Silicon carbide and that manufacturers could make it in the lab. Further interest in this stone showed that it had a striking resemblance and almost similar properties to those of a diamond. For that reason, people started to experiment with jewelry making, and they have never turned back since that discovery. 

Moissanite Strength 

A diamond lasts forever, and so do moissanite stones. On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite’s score of 9.25 is close to that of diamond’s 10. Therefore, there is not much significance in terms of the difference between their strengths. Therefore, buying diamonds for strength is as good as buying moissanite.

Fire and Brilliance 

We all love diamonds for their strength, beauty, and shine. However, you will be amazed to realize that moissanite is even more elegant than diamond. Due to moissanite’s high refractive index, it gives a better sparkle than diamond. Therefore, you cannot resist its beauty at the jewelry store.

Value and Price

Despite exhibiting quality value in its properties, moissanite is highly affordable. Therefore, you will save a lot by choosing moissanite engagement rings over diamond counterparts. Most importantly, moissanite gives quality, which does not come at the cost of acquiring diamond.

The price of moissanite is a fraction of the amount it will cost you to get the same size diamond. Therefore, why break your bank account while you have moissanite as an option? 

Ethical Sourcing 

Due to the conflict attracting lawsuits in the mining of gemstones, you need to tread carefully when buying your jewelry. That way, you will keep yourself out of trouble, knowing that you bought genuine gemstones for your engagement ring.

The good thing with moissanite is that you have nothing to worry about because it is lab-grown. Unlike diamond, moissanite is ethically sourced where no mining is involved. Therefore, you are sure that you are acquiring genuine and legal engagement rings that are ethically obtained. 

Understanding the 4Cs is moissanite 

Just like a diamond, moissanite can be studied through the 4Cs of cut, carat, color, and clarity. That way, you can easily tell why you should consider moissanite for your engagement ring. Here is what you should know: 

  • Cut. This quality is responsible for your gem’s beauty and sparkle. Since it is easy to make moissanite and cut it in the lab, it will produce a good surface finish for a better shine than that of a diamond. In addition, moissanite is available in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it gives you flexibility in designing your engagement ring. 
  • Carat. Weight is very important in the sale of gemstones. To get something within your budget, you can always pick a fraction of a carat instead of one-carat moissanite. 
  • Color. Moissanite comes in different colors: classic “yellow-green,” forever one “near-colorless,” and Forever one colorless moissanite. Therefore, there is a variety to choose from. 
  • Clarity. Gemstones contain flaws known as inclusions. However, the best options are those with fewer or no inclusions. With improved manufacturing methods, moissanite can guarantee a diamond-like clarity. So, why not choose moissanite for your engagement ring? 

Closing Thoughts 

Your engagement ring does not have to be a diamond. In addition, people cannot easily tell a moissanite gem from a diamond. This shows you the quality of moissanite, which makes it a great and alternative choice for making engagement rings! 

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