Toyota Rush adalah mobil Low SUV dari Toyota dengan kapasitas 7 penumpang. When Toyota introduced this car, animo masyarakat cukup tinggi dan menjadikan mobil ini sebagai salah satu mobil SUV terlaris. Bahkan banyak orang yang membandingkannya dengan Mitsubishi Xpander.

All New Rush Specifications

1. Exterior Design

The new generation Toyota Rush underwent design changes compared to the previous generation. The car design looks very different. This car looks more sporty and aggressive coupled with the black line on the front.

The lamp is now made with a more modern design than before and is equipped with LED technology. These lights flank the large upper-grille with black-chrome accents that give the SUV a distinctive fierce impression which is of course also used to cool the engine.

Besides, the housing fog lamp at the bottom is larger with a black plastic finish like the bumper.¬†For the side part, we can immediately realize that the second-generation Toyota Rush is much longer than the previous generation. The length of this car increased by 230 mm. The ground clearance has also increased to 220 mm which further increases the car’s cruising range. The bottom of the car comes with body cladding like other SUVs cars.

2. Interior Design

Toyota Rush has also changed its interior design. On the dashboard, there is a two-tone design that looks very elegant, especially with the special soft-touch material for the TRD Sportivo variant. On the centre console, there is Auto A / C with a digital display which gives a modern and practical impression when setting the AC. On top of it is a 7-inch head unit that supports Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and Miracast connectivity.

In the cockpit, you will find a three-spoke steering wheel with a pretty cool model. Not only cool in design, but the steering wheel can also be tilted, and don’t forget to have an Audio controller attached.

As a 7-seater car, it is certainly important for the Toyota New Rush to provide comfort in each row of seats. As a result, the layout of the cab was reconfigured to ensure that each row had sufficient flexibility.

3. Security Features

All-New Toyota Rush has complete safety features. Even more complete are some of the other, more expensive models. This car has 6 SRS airbags in the car cabin, two in front, two side airbags, and the rest is a curtain airbag. There are also headrests for seven passengers combined with seat belts for the same number.

The seat belt reminder feature also applies not only to the front passenger but to the third row. These features are also combined with various modern safety devices such as the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Hill-Start Assist (HSA). Best of all, all of these security features are available as standard across all variants, not just the highest variant.

4. Engine Performance

Toyota Rush comes in one engine variant, 2NR-VE with Dual VVT-i technology which can adjust valve opening based on engine needs. The engine with a capacity of 1,496 cc produces 102 HP of power at 6,000 rpm, with a torque of 136 Nm at 4,200 rpm. The All-New Toyota Rush also comes with a choice of 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

What Makes All New Rush is Worth it?

If you want to know why this amazing SUV car is worth it, please follow this explanation.

1. It has More Luggage Space

One of the requirements to become a family car is to have a large trunk. When you are shopping for daily necessities you need a car with a large trunk so you can put all your belongings.

When you are on vacation with your family, All New Rush provides comfort during your trip. This car is also very suitable for you to drive alone because it has an elegant design and a masculine impression.

2. It has an Airbag System for Every Seat

This car is perfect for being a family car. The airbag system that is placed in each seat makes this car relatively safe to carry anywhere. Passengers can also reduce their anxiety if unexpected things happen.

3. Using the Smart / Stop Engine Button

Some people still don’t know about this feature. This is a feature that makes it easier to start the car and turn it off the car. Toyota Rush has also implemented this system so we don’t have to bother turning the car on and off because we only need to press a button.

4. It has Tilt Steering Feature

What is the Tilt Steering feature? This is a feature for adjusting the height of the car’s steering wheel. So you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when holding the steering wheel because it’s too low or high, because you just have to adjust as you wish.

5. Toyota Rush has High Ground Clearance

If Low MPV cars generally have a ground clearance of 200 to 205 mm, the Toyota Rush has a ground clearance of 220 mm. It is quite high, considering that the Fortuner is only 225mm. High ground clearance minimizes the possibility of the car getting stuck. So, when the car goes through an incline or passes a pothole, the Toyota Rush can pass through all of these terrains.

6. All-New Toyota Rush has Complete Security Features

Apart from having an airbag on each seat, all variants of the All-New Rush are provided with ABS, EBD, Hill Start Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control. Of course, safety is something to consider when buying a car.

Toyota Rush is quite the same as Daihatsu Terios. However, the sales of Toyota Rush are better in comparison. Terios. Most likely people choose Rush because of complete security in all variants. So, even buying the All-New Rush for the lowest variant, you will still get complete security just like when buying the highest variant.


Now, you have already known why All New Toyota Rush is worth it. This car has an elegant design and complete features. This amazing car will be the solution for everyday driving.

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