Sony is getting away from the standard video camcorder niche which is getting rather crowded with Panasonic, Canon having a big market share. It has instead ventured into more exotic niches like action cams and binocular cams like the DEV 50.

Go Pro has been the market leader in action cams and Sony does not want to be left behind this time. The new Sony HDR-AS15 is the company’s answer to the popular GoPro devices. Quite similar to the GoPro, the HDR-AS15 comes with a waterproof housing that you can safely use up to a depth of 60m which is enough for most divers. And it has built-in Wi-Fi too! In this age of instant sharing this makes it very easy for you to share video, pics, or even control the camcorder remotely. Good feature to have.

Sony HDR-AS15
Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam

With a 170 degrees superwide angle lens it can shoot in 1080p at 30fps, at a bit-rate of 16Mbit/s. Pictures are very sharp and image resolution is good.

The Sony HDR-AS15 is a pretty handy device with many uses and we look forward to doing a full review.

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