Whether you are looking for up to date safety features or a more modern look for your brand-new car, there are a number of models hitting the market that can make the task of choosing the perfect car much simpler. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into some of the in-car technology that you should look out for in 2020.

Virtual Door Mirrors

One of the most recent developments that are soon to be featured on electric vehicles is the electric door mirror, with a digital camera rather than the conventional door mirror, this not only helps to reduce the weight of the car, but it also allows you to fully customize the view that you are able to see in your virtual mirrors, this is a benefit to you as you are then able to reduce blind spots and ensure maximum safety at all times regardless of whether you are driving a Honda, Audi or Jaguar.

Intelligent Headlights

In addition to virtual door mirrors, there is also the option of intelligent headlights. This will completely remove the dilemma of full beamed and dipped headlights as they will do this for you. With intelligent technology, and a camera detecting the current state of traffic, the headlights then automatically adapt to ensure optimal lighting conditions. In addition to this, full-beam lighting can remain intact without blinding the driver in front or oncoming traffic, allowing you to remain safe at all times when on the road without having to fiddle with light settings yourself, allowing you to focus on driving.

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Intelligent Tires

Another piece of intelligent technology that is currently in development is the intelligent tire. With technology that monitors the tire pressure in real-time as well as the temperature and other data straight into the driver’s cabin. This not only benefits you when it comes to long-distance drives, but it also helps to keep track of the essential for your car and keep it running as it should. Though this is only in development at this time, this is set to make a huge impact when it hits the market as this will help to revolutionize car care.

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Night Vision And Pedestrian Protection

The final in-car technology that will benefit you is the night vision and pedestrian protection. This is a camera that is broadcast straight into the driver’s cabin and provides them with clear visibility when there are no streetlights. Additionally, there is also the use of heat detection that helps to spot pedestrians in the surrounding area. This is useful for those that are traveling long distances as it helps to provide you with the increased visibility that you need to particularly when traveling along smaller country roads such as this, allowing you to enjoy your drive much more.

Whether you are looking for some of these in your new car in 2020 or you are looking to purchase a new car to replace an old broken-down model, we are sure that these features will help you to choose the perfect car.