Thappad by Anubhav Sinha is the story of a vulnerable and submissive wife who refuses to stay in a toxic relationship where the society feels that these are the little things that can be brushed under the carpet. Taapsee Pannu’s film echoes this concept loud and clear. Here is our review of Thappad.

Amrita is humiliated in public, but since she is dependent on her husband will she stand against him? And even if she stands, will she win this battle? You will get all the answers on 28th February as the film releases this Friday.

Thappad Movie Review- Plot Details

Taapsee Pannu plays the role of Amrita, an “adarsh patni” and “adarsh bahu” who gives up her passion for Indian classical dance and harbors the dream of being a housewife. On the other hand, her husband Vikram played by Pavail Gulati is a go-getter who can do anything to achieve his goals. And in hope of getting a promotion, he throws a party at their house. However, when he realizes that his dreams are going to get shattered he misdirects his frustration and rage on his wife, in the form of a roaring slap.

This public humiliation leads to an ugly and emotional battle which is not only about domestic violence now. With this fateful slap, Amrita decides to move out of her loveless marriage. While her husband still is in denial of her step, Amrita revisits her own beliefs of love and marriage. Other characters like Dia Mirza who plays a single mother, Maya Sarao who plays the role of Amrita’s lawyer and her housemaid who faces domestic violence every day give a different perspective to Amrita.

Thappad Movie- Direction and Writing

After Article 15 and Mulk like films, Anubhav Sinha brings you a social drama about which the society doesn’t talk much. Thappad runs for 2 hrs and 21 minutes, and it is one of the best strong-worded social films delivered. He has handled the various characters of the film in-depth, along with their complexities, greys, dilemmas without getting too shrilling or overbearing, and Anubhav Sinha definitely deserves applause for this.

Anubhav and Mrunmayee Lagoo’s fine and nuanced writing is impressive and takes the film a notch high. And so it too deserves a special mention.

Thappad Movie Review- Cast Performances

Amrita is a restricted character but Taapsee has managed to express a gamut of emotions in every scene without saying much. Even after her portrayal being restrained she has exposed every emotion-pain, anger, regret, and disgust a compelling watch. Starting as a submissive wife, she transforms into a person who won’t compromise on her self-esteem. She undoubtedly gives a stunning performance.

Pavail Gulati, too, gives a brilliant performance as a corporate slave which is also a complex character. He delivers his role confidently, such that you will hate him for his character. Kumud Mishra who plays Amrita’s father stands out for supporting her daughter. He in a way proves the statement of why daughters consider their father a hero.

On the other hand, Amrita’s mother and mother-in-law played by Ratna Pathak Shah and Tanvi Azmi respectively are the torchbearer of matriarchial mentality overshadows the other supporting actors with their power-packed performances.

Thappad Music, Songs, Background Score

Thappad’s music score is by Anurag Saikia, which is not only melancholic in tone nut also blends beautifully with the narrative. The song “Ek Tukda Dhoop” had already won the hearts of the audience and is one of the best in the film.

However, the background score is a bit disappointing.


Thappad raises one of those subjects that need a different perspective in our society. “Shaadi mai sab kuch chalta hai”, do you really feel that it should be this way. Share your thoughts on these deep-rooted patriarchal, so-called societal norms with us in the comment section.

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