Are you someone who is interested in getting an EB3 Visa? Do you wonder what the process of it all is like? If your answer to these two questions is yes then you have come to the right article.

It must be mentioned that getting an EB3 visa is a technical process, but with proper guidance, information and documents, you can get the job done within no time. So with that being said, let us begin this article.

Understanding EB3 visa

It must be mentioned that those who meet the requirements can get a green card through the EB3 visa. If you are a skilled worker, an unskilled worker, or a proficient worker, you could easily qualify for an eb3 visa.

Each year, there are around 40,000 EB3 visas available, which means that the waiting time is long, but a benefit to this is that they are generally less stringent than those for EB1 and EB2 green card visas.

Currently, in the world, EB3 visas receive 28.6% of employment green cards. This explains the roughly 40,000 EB3 visas issued annually. Furthermore, no more than 7% of EB3 visas that have been authorized can be issued to citizens of the same nation.

Keeping this in mind, if you are submitting an application from a nation with a large number of applications every year such as India or even China, then this means you would have to wait a long time to get an answer to your application.

Advantages of the EB3 visa

One of the major benefits of choosing to use an EB3 visa rather than an EB1 and EB2 is that qualified persons can become permanent residents in the US with the eb3 visa. Being a permanent resident has several advantages. Having the option to switch employment and travel more freely are a couple of them.

Not just that, but once a person gets an EB3 visa; they may start a family in the United States of America and thus can get some major benefits like healthcare, free education, and much more. Moreover, your spouse and any dependent children are welcome to accompany you on the EB3 visa.

Any of your minor, unmarried children who are under the age of 21 are considered dependents, and so they can accompany you as you travel from your home country to the United States of America.

Your spouse may work once they have received their green card or completed their employment authorization documents, and your children may attend school while they are in the United States, as we have just mentioned before.

Requirements of the EB3 visa

Now you might be asking yourself the question; what exactly are the requirements for an EB-3 visa to be issued? Well, we have the answer here with us. First of all, you need to meet the employment criteria as this visa is only for those individuals who have work or are willing to work.

These professionals must have at least a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent to secure employment. Moreover, you must not, under any circumstances, harm American employees if you want your EB3 visa to be accepted. As a result, you are not permitted to accept a job that an American worker might and would accept depending on their experience level.

To demonstrate that you meet this requirement, you must have a valid labor certification with you before you even begin to apply. Why, you may ask? Well because this certification can be required by immigration at any time during your visa process.

Last but not least, you must have a job offer from the United States of America. A legitimate employment offer from a US firm must have been made to the foreign national before the recipient may be sponsored.

There must be no American workers who could and would take the job, according to the US employer, as this would create conflict between you and the citizens of the US. A legitimate employer-employee relationship between the beneficiary and the US employer is required so that the US embassy can see that you have established a positive relationship and are willing to work under the guidance and laws of the country.

How do you get labor certification?

Now we know you might be thinking about how you can get a labor certification, as this in itself is a tricky and stressful process. The US employer submits the EB3 visa application in the first phase. After requesting a prevailing wage finding, the US business is required to get a labor certification from the Department of Labor.

The benefit of having a completed labor certification is to show that no US citizens are qualified for the position. This will increase the chances of you getting the job and stamp of approval. Not just that, but it also states that the recipient shall be paid the prevailing salary by the employer.

Now, where can you find the form? Well, the filing form, which goes by the name of ETA-9089, can be found in the Department of Labor. It must be noted that this form, in particular, contains all the useful information, such as job duties, wages, beneficiaries, and much more. After this is done, you can then submit an I-140 plea.

Visa application

After finishing your I-140 petition, you are then supposed to get other important things done such as medical and getting all sorts of documents for your visa application. You must arrange for a medical exam and make sure that you have the correct records. You have to use an NVC doctor who has been approved.

This guarantees that you have all necessary immunizations and medical records to prove that you are fit to enter the US. Not just that, but you should also provide a number of documents to the US Embassy. Once you have gotten a confirmation notice for Form DS-261, do this.

You must provide your approved DS-261, approved I-140 petition, and certified labor certification. Additionally, you must provide your valid passport, proper medical documents, employment contract; academic transcripts such as a bachelor’s or any equivalent degree, CV, criminal background check results, and the latest photo of yourself.

After all of this has been done, you will be invited for a visa interview. This is the final stage of the process of getting admitted into the United States of America.

The takeaway

So that is it, folks! Now you know what an EB-3 visa is, why it is difficult to get and what documents you need to get approval.

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