The 100 Season 7 an apocalyptic sci-fi series is returning to bid its final goodbye. Yes, Clarke and Co. are returning for their fans but for the last time, you will be able to see them surviving the apocalypse. Jason Rothenberg, the director of the show announced that the show will end in 2020 with the seventh season.

In the last installment, you will get to know the answers to various unsolved questions. So here is everything you need to know about the forthcoming season of CW’s the 100.

The 100 Season 7- When Will it Release?

If we believe the speculations then the filming of the upcoming season of your favorite show, The 100 is completed. The show will soon air, around springtime. Presently it is in its post-production phase and to add the special effects it will take a little time to come on screen.

However, in mid-2020, you will be able to stream the last part of the show. Since it is going to be the final season, there is a lot of anticipation about how the show will end, and how the story is going to be weaved.

The 100- Cast Reprising their Roles in Season 7

The 100 is going to say goodbye with the seventh season and so the fans are excited to know whether everyone will be coming back to the show? Talking about the main leads, Eliza Taylor will be playing the role of Clarke Griffin in the forthcoming season as well. Apart from her, Lindsey Morgon, Marie Avegeropolous, Morely and Christopher Larkin will be joining the team.

A guest actor will also be coming on board in the final season.

The 100 Season 7- Plot Details

Just like all the television series which go on a hiatus after one season, The 100 season 6 also concluded on a cliffhanger. Octavia was killed by adult Asha at the end of the show. And so the audience is eagerly waiting to find out the answers behind this event.

Also, The 100 will be based on the post-apocalyptic novel by Kass Morgan. However, it isn’t limited to this storyline, as it puts in more stories from their side.

The next season will pick up from the point where the last season left. But in the next season, you will get to enjoy a lot of irregularities as it focuses on Anomaly. This is expected as when it comes to shows like this, twists and turns are bound to happen. And the twists in the forthcoming installment of this CW series are definitely going to blow your mind.

In addition, Hope will be seen in her early twenties. Along with the story of Octavia which still has some loose ends. And just like the other season, there will be a few time-traveling scenes as well.

The 100 Season 7- Spoiler Alert

The official announcement of the last season of The 100 was made by the showrunner, Jason Rothenberg on his Twitter handle. He seems to be quite satisfied with the show and its ending and feels that the audience too would be equally satisfied.

Also according to Jason, the show has missed Octavia, and so it is anticipated that the last season will feature her for sure. Lastly, you can expect the show to end on an emotional note. Yes, that’s right.

Another major revelation made by Jason is that Hope might not be a real villain. Usually, we consider the person who kills our dear, heroic character to be a villain. Such revelation increases the suspense around Hope’s character. So are we really going to love Hope as claimed by Jason or not? Don’t forget to follow the fresh new episodes to know more.

Wrapping Up

You can catch up with the last 16 episodes of The 100 at CW.  

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