You can’t really do business without items like a receipt printer and as a barcode scanner that can be used for inventory purposes. All the hardware you need will cost you a pretty penny. For startups and small businesses, you should try to trim down the list and postpone some purchases. A business cannot function without a printer to generate receipts, while the same isn’t true for a barcode scanner.

Each receipt helps with keeping good track of each transaction, and there’s no disputing the importance of that. You can’t really handle accounting without them.

You can buy a receipt printer from most online stores, but the options are quite limited. If saving money is your main goal, it is smarter to opt for a simple model without many extras. More advanced models with the wireless operation or Bluetooth connectivity might seem like a more tempting acquisition if your business requires it.

Star Micronics, TSP143IIU WHT US, ECO-Friendly Receipt Printer, USB (cable incl.), Auto Cutter, Internal Power Supply with Power Cable Incl.

1. Star Micronics TSP143IIU ECO-Friendly Receipt Printer


  • Superfast printing so your customers aren’t waiting
  • Plug and play functionality means no hunting for drivers
  • You can even print documents with this thing, without installing additional software


  • Somewhat costly
  • Lacking a Bluetooth connection

This printer offers you simplicity and convenience. It automatically cuts the receipts so you don’t give your customers torn ones. You just plug and go with this unit because all of the drivers are included. This is a big relief considering how often you need to install drivers and are compelled to look for ones to download from the internet. You never know if it’s the right driver. And so on.

Citizen America CT-S310II-U-BK CT-S310II Series Two-Color POS Thermal Printer with PNE Sensor, 160 mm/Sec Print Speed, USB/Serial Connection, Black

2. Citizen CT-S310II Line Thermal Printer


  • EnergyStar compliant
  • Comes with a paper saving mode
  • Will last years
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Quickbooks
  • USB or serial connection


  • Requires a Citizen POS drawer to work
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Does not support mobile devices

This device boasts EnergyStar compliance. Its paper saving mode makes it an environmentally friendly option. The well-made printer offers you both serial and USB connections so you can use it with any Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu computer. It’s also compatible with Quickbooks, but not with mobile POS setups, so if your POS is iPad-based, keep looking.

Users are very happy about the fact that this unit is just like new, even after several years of intense use. Considering its price tag, this is a great option.

3. Smart&Cool SC-5890T USB POS Printer


  • Very low price, affordable option
  • Comes with thermal paper rolls, you can start printing as soon as it’s out of the box
  • Compatible with older versions of Windows as well as Linux


  • Cord is only 3 feet long, you have to keep it next to an outlet
  • Doesn’t work with Windows 10 or mobile devices
  • No wireless connections

This is a thermal receipt printer for less than $40! It’s a great option to take into account. You can start printing receipts right away because it comes with a few thermal paper rolls. It works with Linux and most versions of Windows, which makes it good for many businesses. There’s a driver available for Windows 10 according to the description, but it doesn’t seem to actually install properly.

If you’re using it with an installation disk and a compatible OS, this will save you the trouble of searching online for drivers and running the risk of installing malware.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose The Best Receipt Printer For Your Company

A number of options are available with a receipt printer, as with almost every device these days. You start with the very basic ones that can only print receipts. There are more complex models that can connect to mobile devices and have features like Bluetooth connectivity.

Ultimately, your decision is based on what other devices you might be using your printer and how much money you’ve set aside. There are several options in terms of how the printer actually prints receipts. Most receipt printers either use impact printing, thermal printing, or inkjet printing and each of these offers certain features.

Impact printers are suited to damp environments like a kitchen and are typically the most affordable. Be warned that they’re a bit slower than other models. Thermal printers are quiet and fast but need a toner to function. Inkjet printers are the most expensive, but they are very fast and give high-quality prints.

Catering For Your Needs

Before you begin looking, establish a budget. Set a price range in mind that you stick to. This budget should reflect the features you need. Obviously, you get what you pay for, including when it comes to buying a receipt printer. You can’t expect to buy a high-quality color printer for a few bucks.

Most impact printers range between $200 and $400. These are low-maintenance, cheap options. They do take a long time to print. Keep looking if a quick service is part of your promise and you want to deliver on it. Another issue you might face is if you tend to print long receipts.

Thermal printers range from $300 to $500 in price. They are a great option because they print in high quality and operate faster. You don’t need toner or ink to use a thermal printer. This will bring the overall maintenance costs down over time.

Inkjet printers cost the most because they offer the best quality. If logos, color graphics, details, and coupons are a part of your printing requirements, consider increasing your budget to be able to provide continuously better customer service.

POS technology is mobile, so consider if you require a mobile printer. This could be an easier option if you tend to move around your store or office compared to asking customers to come to the storefront for a receipt. Because you can make a sale on the spot, mobile printing is becoming more common in stores with salespeople.

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