Londoner Dominic Wilcox has invented a pair of shoes that would help navigate you to your desired destination. Named “No Place Like Home”, this pair of shoes is named after Dorothy’s famous line from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

Dominic Wilcox GPS Shoes
Dominic Wilcox GPS Shoes

The heel of the left shoe contains a GPS unit and a small antenna is hidden in the red fabric at the back of the shoe. Click your heels three times to start the GPS and a computer program will allow you to plot your destination on a map which you can then upload to your shoes via USB cable.

The left shoe has a circle of LED lights on the toe that light up to show you the direction you need to go. The right shoe has a line of LEDs that act as a progress bar, telling you how close you are to your destination. The shoes communicate via wireless.

Read the full article at ABC News.

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