Engineers, scientists, and researchers from all over the world are coming up with new technology every other day to encourage green living. With the adverse effects of global warming, smart home is the future of living that everyone would eventually adopt.

With everything going smart, smart cooling is an advancement in the field of HVAC that helps you enjoy optimal temperature and consume less energy. states 6% of home energy use goes towards air conditioning each year in the US, resulting in 117 million metric tons of CO2 in the air.

If you actively work to reduce your contribution to global warming, then it is time you switch to smart cooling! Smart thermostats and smart air conditioner controllers are two excellent devices offering smart cooling for ducted and ductless systems respectively.

What Is Smart Cooling?

Smart cooling means having a smart air conditioning system that lets you control the temperature from anywhere through a connected device over Wi-Fi. A smart air conditioner can change the temperature on its own, learn your preferred settings over time, allow you to set weekly schedules, set temperature ranges, and whatnot.

If you’re about to drop the idea, thinking you’d need to upgrade your whole heating and cooling system, worry not. You can easily make your ducted and ductless HVAC systems smart by connecting them to a smart thermostat or a mini-stat (smart AC controller), respectively. Going smart will not only make your life easy but also enhance the value of your ordinary home.

Why Should You Switch to Smart Cooling?

I won’t just convince you by saying that going smart will save you 10-12% on your bills but rather jump straight to how it’ll change your life for good:

Increase WFH Productivity

While I’m sure, many of you must be loving the idea of working from home, but some of you would be finding it challenging to remain focused. You lose track of time, and all of a sudden, it’s the end of the day with tons of work still left to do. If so, then you should take a look at the temperature of your working area.

Researchers from the Helsinki University of Technology conducted a study showing that temperature between 69.8F to 71.6F results in increased workplace performance.

Now, maintaining this ideal WFH room temperature must be really challenging. But if you have a smart heating or cooling system, you won’t have to do much at all. Just add the weekly schedules and define the range or the desired room temperature in just a few taps and get ready to give your best. Now, you can focus on other important tasks in peace while your smart AC controller does the rest.

Keep Plants Fresh

Plants give a refreshing touch to any place. Also, who doesn’t want a natural healing source present nearby all the time?

While plants can have an alleviating effect on your mood, it can be challenging to maintain a perfect environment to keep your plants fresh. Since plants are also altering humidity levels, you might struggle to maintain the temperature manually. Hence going smart would relieve you of this responsibility.

Adjust Humidity Levels

Have you been struggling to maintain a comfortable environment even after maintaining the ideal room temperature? If yes, then it must be the indoor humidity level that is often neglected.

The optimal indoor humidity level should be between 30-50%. High humidity levels result in a stuffy room environment, condensation on walls & furniture, mold growth, fungus, and respiratory problems. Likewise, low humidity levels can lead to dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Dry air can also cause inflammation and also leave cracks in the furniture over time.

So, instead of buying an additional humidifier/dehumidifier, you can control humidity levels by going smart. All you have to do is open your phone, set the desired humidity range, and tada!

Maintain an Ideal Sleeping Temperature

Our body temperature keeps changing throughout the day. This means that throughout the night, the ideal sleeping temperature changes depending upon your body’s needs. This might be the reason behind those sleepless nights you’ve spent tossing and turning without realizing what the matter is.

By automating your climate control with a smart cooling system, you can achieve and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature each night.

Give Pets a Comfortable Environment

Coming home to a happy pet after a tiring day is always uplifting. What may come as a challenge is keeping your pet happy and comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

How often have you gotten worried because your pet was home alone and the temperature wasn’t ideal? To make your pets happy and comfortable all the time, you can rely on smart HVAC systems.

Using its unique features like global control, you’d be able to control the home environment from anywhere, anytime, fulfilling your pet-parenting duties while you’re on the go.

Tension-Free Vacationing

Vacation means complete relaxation and peace of mind. When going out on a holiday break, smart air conditioning turns out to be your lifesaver. You can set the minimum and maximum temperature range at which the air conditioner could be operated. Additionally, you can track the air filter status and know when the air filter cleaning is due. You can also benefit from modes like freeze protection to prevent pipes from bursting when it gets freezing cold in the area.

Today, maintenance of your home’s temperature shouldn’t be bothersome when you can get your hands on advanced technology like smart cooling and heating systems. With an automated mechanism, you can not only save some bucks but also enjoy a comfortable environment at all times.

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