If you dial the number, and you are facing difficulty to get in touch with your friend through phone calls or text messages, it is feasible that, they blocked or blacklisted your number. If you are looking out for how to know if someone has blocked your number in detail; then this post is for you. And you have landed on the right page.

This post compiled of how do you know if someone blocked your number in Android and iPhone. This articles will surely help you to know about the number blocking, and you can estimate whether you get blacklisted or not.

When someone blocks you, then you might feel a little annoyed and worried. Blocking can be done for personal reasons or by mistake. But if a person will blacklist you. Then, they would no longer get notification of your phone calls and messages. If anyone blocks your number, then you will not be informed or don’t get any alert. You can go through the following mentioned signs to confirm it.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Android?

If you make a call, and one call forwards you to voicemail, or if your phone calls not ever get a reply. Or you are getting the automated response then you are certainly might be blocked. I will tell you how.

1. One dial lead you to voicemail, that means your number might get blocked

If you place a call to someone and listen to the usual order of call tune before coming up for voicemail. Then this indicates a right phone call. But if you listen to only one call previous to engage through voicemail, then you might be blocked by someone.

Sometimes it can occur if a person is busy speaking to another person, and you are ringing at the same moment, or the phone is not reachable. There is the possibility that the phone’s battery is low or about to dead or “Do Not Disturb” feature is enabled. Then wait and try to connect them later. If you call them later and you are getting a similar outcome, then presumably you are blocked.

2. Your phone calls not ever have been responded

If you not answered in any circumstances either through phone calls or by text messages, then there is a scope that you are blocked. There can be several causes that might occur, but to blacklist, the number is one prospect.

In most instance, you will observe that the text message is sending in the usual way. But, the individual to whom you texted would not be informed or received your message. So this might be proof that your number gets blocked.

3. Busy signal or an automated response

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Android

If you give someone a call and you are endlessly showing a busy signal tune, then there is a certainty that you get blocked. Or if you place a call, and you get an automated signal with the voice of “the current number is unavailable” or “the number is momentarily out of service”.

Also, you can get a long beep sound instead of any kinds of a ring. Hence, it shows that your number might get blocked. These signs are suggestive of that you might get blocked by someone. Try again at a later time. If you get the same results after calling for 2-3 days, then it’s sure that your number is blocked.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On iPhone?

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On iPhone

There are many hints to know whether you are blocked, or not from calling or texting. Here are few methods to check it on your iPhone. If you get blocked then also in iPhone, you didn’t receive any notice of getting blocked.

1. iMessage not delivered, that means your number might get blocked

 If you send a text message to someone & you are in the blacklist, then the message will go without showing any problems. But another person will neither obtain your text message nor get a notification of it. If you are not blocked, then you can notice a “delivered” below the message.

how do you know if someone blocked your number by messaging

However, if your number is blocked, and then you send a message, then you would not be able to see the “delivered” line. You can conclude that your number is probably get blocked.

2. Use SMS

How do you know if someone blocked your number by us If you need more clue whether you get blocked or not, then try to use SMS text on your iPhone. In such a way when iMessage would not be able to send your message, then your phone will send the message back to the person through the cellular plan.

You can spot the green color message if the device is resending it. If you did not get an answer or a confirmation of delivery, then it’s a clue that you are blocked.

3. Going straight to voicemail

If your message did not get dispatch or you did not receive any response, then it might be happening due to “out of service” for any reason in their phone. If you make a call and you listen to the tune for a few seconds not stretch to a complete ring before the route to the voicemail. Then this indicates that you might be blocked. But it will display in a discrete segment of their iPhone, that is in the “blocked calls section”.

However, another person will not get any information about your calls and voicemails until they willingly verify the blocked message section. If the other person’s phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, then your voicemail will automatically move in an unblocked column.

If you get blocked & you call another person repeatedly. Then soon your call will go on account of using the “Repeated Calls” features. However, it would not assure you about blocking the number, as it can be turn off by the other person.

4. Phone can be in “Do Not Disturb” mode

If you are not blocked, and the phone enabled with Do Not Disturb feature, now they will receive your message and call notification after disabling the same features. However, if the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, you will not notice the “delivered” line.

how do you know if someone blocked your number - Do not disturb mode

Suppose you are not blocked & as soon as the phone gets out from Do Not Disturb mode, subsequently you will see the “delivered” just below the message. If you are blocked, then you will never see the same line.


Points To Be Noted Out

Although if you surmise that you might be blocked, try not to draw up the conclusion quickly. There might be lots of factors causing complication while calling. As it may be a network issue, low battery, in airplane mode or they fail to recharge their calling plan at momentarily.

So wait for a few days, or you can contact your friend through email or other social media. If you feel awkward to ask them directly about blocking your number, then you can use the above-mention ways as the indicative of cut off your number.


There could be many reasons if any person blocked you. But if you want to make an approximate end, then go along with the previously described clues. You will wholly get to know what is going on. Don’t rush on anything and try not to irritate the other person. There is a pencil-thin line between approaching and disturbing someone. Don’t cross the limit and try to accept the decision of the other person.

 I hope you found this post useful, knowledgeable and informative. If you have any other ways to know, whether someone blocked the number or not, and if you have any kinds of query, then let us know in the comments section below.

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