Many small business owners are currently adopting cloud accounting for cash flow management. This increased adoption is because of the many advantages of cloud accounting compared to traditional accounting.

So, what are the benefits of cloud-based accounting that small business owners and entrepreneurs accrue? Read on to learn more.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud-based accounting is revolutionizing how business owners and entrepreneurs manage their financial affairs. It involves the operation of accounting software online via a third-party provider. Cloud accounting solutions allow users to access different accounting software from anywhere.

For instance, you may use the cloud-based accounting software whenever you log into your app online via laptop or phone. Therefore, the easy access to accounting platforms due to cloud-based solutions makes work easier for business owners.

Advantages of Cloud Accounting for Cash Flow Management

Cloud-based accounting software provides the reliability and functionality of your computer’s accounting system but with the extra benefits, the Internet can deliver. An example of how cloud accounting benefits small businesses is through effective cash flow management software.

Cash Flow Management software, like Cash Flow Frog in, ensures that businesses have optimal performance. It also offers several other benefits, including the following:

Provides access to real-time data

Cloud-based accounting software for cash flow management ensures that you can easily make customized cash flow reports. This software pulls cash flow data directly from your accounting system and creates reports.

One incredible thing about cloud accounting software is that you can use it to manipulate data from the cloud. This software allows you to manipulate real-time data to get cash flow forecasts and real-time cash flow statements.

Enhanced speed

Most cloud accounting platforms used for cash flow management have an automation feature. This automation feature speeds up routine tasks, such as cash data entry. The enhanced speed due to automation offers you extra time to concentrate on other business-related activities, increasing productivity.

In addition, the automation feature prevents cash flow data duplication. Removing duplicated data from an accounting system is often time-consuming and requires much effort. Thus, cloud accounting saves you effort and time in cash flow management.

Enhanced data security

The cloud offers business owners multiple levels of security. It means that your sensitive cash flow data will remain safe. Data in cloud-based accounting is stored in a place where privacy and security are assured.

No unauthorized individual can access these cash flow data. In addition, storing cash flow data in the cloud protects it from damage due to disasters. The cloud has an automatic backing-up system that facilitates easy data retrieval in case of disasters, such as fire. Furthermore, you can hide sensitive cash flow information from prying eyes through the use of security safeguards, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and a firewall.

Enhanced accuracy

Cloud-based accounting reduces human error by automating almost all accounting functions used for cash flow management. Using auto-reserved cash flow data guarantees the efficiency and accuracy of financial records.

Furthermore, every business cash transaction is reconciled and displayed in the cloud-based accounting software. It means that human manipulation of the data is incredibly limited.

Popular Cloud Accounting Platforms for Small Businesses

As you can see above, small businesses enjoy several advantages of cloud accounting. These benefits make cloud accounting platforms incredibly popular in companies today. Two of these popular cloud-based accounting platforms include the following:

Cash Flow Frog

Cash Flow Frog is growing in popularity at an incredibly fast pace. This platform allows you to manage your business’s cash flow effectively. It also helps you make a future prediction of your expected cash flow based on the present cash flow data. You can use these predictions to plan for growth. One thing you can look forward to with this software is its reliability.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is an incredibly vital software for many small business owners. It provides remote access to bookkeeping data from any web browser at any time. This popular software allows businesses to track their:

  • Payrolls;
  • Income;
  • Expenses;
  • Inventory;
  • Customers;

How to Choose the Right Cloud Accounting Solution?

Choosing a cloud accounting solution is not as straightforward as you may assume. One thing to note is that several cloud accounting solutions are in the market. Not all the solutions can serve your accounting management needs. Thus, it is always good to be selective about the type of platform to use. Below is a list of the primary factors to consider when choosing the right cloud accounting solution for your business:

  • The features of the cloud-based accounting platform
  • The user interface of the cloud-based accounting solution
  • The cost of the cloud-based accounting solution

In Conclusion

Cloud accounting platforms are currently revolutionizing how business accounting management takes place. These platforms have automated features that allow for increased productivity and data manipulation accuracy. Have you ever used any cloud-based accounting platform for cash flow management? If yes, what was your experience?

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