The New Year is the perfect time to assess your business’ performance to date and to identify innovative ways to find and attract new clients. Below, we round up the best-in-class marketing tools that will help you identify and generate leads to take your business to the next level.


This tool is invaluable and can provide CRM, sales, and marketing support to help your business streamline its sales and lead processes and engage potential new clients. Blogging and content creation are two crucial ways in which businesses can find new customers. To be effective, content must be fresh, relevant, and high-quality; aim to post at least two new pieces of content a week to keep visitors coming back.

HubSpot can help with this: it features a range of tools to ensure your content is consistently high quality and has the best chance of ranking highly on search engine results pages; content is optimized as it’s created, and HubSpot facilitates the most effective use of SEO, too.


A writing tool is a perfect way to make sure that all content and copy you produce as part of your business processes -be that for marketing or recruiting – is polished and professional. The slickest looking website in the world, or the most informative newsletter of all time, can be undermined by the presence of typos or grammatical inaccuracies. For potential new clients, this content is likely to serve as an introduction to your business, and first impressions are vital.

ProWritingAid is a tool that resolves typos and corrects sentence structure to make for the best reading experience possible. It also optimizes style and word choice and alerts users to any problems with grammar and punctuation. The best thing about this tool is that it adapts to your personal writing style; click to read more about how this particular feature works. ProWritingAid integrates with most major browsers and platforms and offers a Premium or a Premium Plus subscription; there is also a free tier too, which will check documents of up to five hundred words.


SEMRush offers a complete one-stop solution for all your marketing needs, giving you the tools you require to effectively and consistently reach new audiences and find new clients. It can optimize SEO on all of your business content, allows for the creation and scheduling of content and social media marketing campaigns, and features a position tracker. The latter is a particularly powerful tool: use the position tracker to see how your business ranks in terms of keywords in comparison to rival sites and how your site ranks in relation to the top one hundred Google organic or paid results, too. This information is vital in allowing you to make changes that could see your site flying up to the top of the rankings list, meaning that it’ll be seen by an exponentially wider audience.

SEMRush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is also included in this package of software and can be used to find out what’s trending in terms of topic and keywords, enabling you to create a precision-targeted content campaign.


Global business is booming, and an ever-increasing number of companies are successfully expanding into foreign markets, reaching lucrative new markets and audiences. To best facilitate this, a high-quality translation tool such as DeepL is crucial: this tool instantly, securely, and accurately translates files and documents. Its intuitive translation means that it doesn’t just operate on a word-for-word basis; it translates based on nuance and particularities of language, too, so that the translated document is readable and fluent.

Translations in more than twenty languages are offered by DeepL, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian. Users can access a free, limited version of the software or a free thirty-day trial of DeepL Pro via the company’s website and can view the details of the various tiered paid options there, too.

This tool uses AI technology to allow businesses to plan, create, test, and launch ads focused on reaching a target audience across many different channels; tracking ads’ performances means that you can see at a glance which ones are generating the most visits or conversions. This tool integrates with most major platforms, such as Snapchat and Facebook, and can automate all elements of your social media campaigns – Smartly is widely viewed as a leader in the automated social media marketing field.

The Smartly website features a comprehensive range of resources for users, including those regarding industry insights, trend and creative hubs, case studies, and webinars.


And finally, a tool that allows you to monitor your business’ reputation on social media, allowing you to act quickly if anything happens that could threaten this vital aspect of your operations. Brand24 features the facility to keep track of all feedback – positive and negative – in real-time and analyzes any conversations happening anywhere on the internet in which your brand or products are mentioned.

Brand24 also features tools that enable you to assess the performance of marketing campaigns, and the software offers access to a help center, experts’ hub, and podcast.

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