What is the best game to play to relax? You don’t always want to end a long, hard day plunging into a cruel world of violence. There are times when the soul asks to settle down on a cozy gaming throne with a cup of tea and a cute relaxing game that will help to distract from problems and relieve tension.

Calming games for such moments shouldn’t be overwhelming. They also shouldn’t be too loud or dynamic. A light, melodic soundtrack should slowly plunge you into an enchanting world that deserves admiration, not a frenzied breakthrough.

Top 5 relaxation games

If you want to take a break from the popular battle royale and the best Megaways slots, aiming to take over all your free time, check out the relaxing games on the list.


This is a relaxation game by the Journey creators where you can relax and go with the flow. Here you have plenty of time to explore the world at a comfortable pace and thoroughly explore the ocean. The mesmerizing waters of Abzu alternate with mysterious ruins that can’t wait to tell their silent stories, somewhat reminiscent of Journey’s story-driven surroundings. Each new episode of this relaxing splendor opens with unobtrusive puzzles, but you’ll want to explore every inch of this aquatic world before moving on.


Players will explore the ruins in the sands, descend into the depths of a gloomy grotto, bypassing its dangerous inhabitants, understand the purpose of ancient machines and climb a mountain peak bound by permafrost. The story will flow slowly, and the gameplay, even in the most climactic moments, will not force you to make unnecessary efforts.

Stardew Valley

Once in the vastness of your new home, you understand that grandfather’s grounds knew better times. Now a new life is in your hands — you can have romantic relationships with the inhabitants of the valley, go fishing or become a ruthless jam-maker tycoon. No matter how realistic the game is, this is the best RPG for nature lovers who want to forget about the city bustle. That’s why the 16-bit beauty of Stardew Valley is so great to chill out and spend whole evenings and weekends.


A soft, relaxing game with simple controls gives a feeling of freedom. Traveling through colorful and diverse landscapes, players will be able to interact with the environment and fill it with life. In its time, Flower has received numerous awards for its graphics.

No Man’s Sky

This is a real zen simulator from the world of space sandboxes. Locals gather resources, discover new planets, and explore untouched worlds at their own pace, often slowly and thoroughly. Traveling through the picturesque and unearthly landscapes of an endless, tirelessly generated world, pilgrims gradually study alien technologies, conduct trade deals, and improve equipment and ships. Even battles with hostile creatures in No Man’s Sky easily fit into the overall atmosphere.

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