ABC’s nostalgic family sitcom, The Goldbergs finally made a much-awaited return with its season 7 in September 2019. In the previous season, Beverly Goldberg understood and accepted that the kids are growing up but it seems that in season 7 she is still not yet ready to quit having some family fun-times when the situation is apt. And the rest of the season continues following the Goldbergs as Barry and Erica finally leaves for college, Geoff and Erica struggle with their relationship, and Adam being left all alone.

Last week the episode 12 aired and as usual, the excited fans must be wondering about the details for the next episode. So read on to know all about ‘The Goldbergs’ season 7 episode 13 happenings.

The Goldbergs Season 7 Episode 13 Spoilers- Geoff the Pleaser

As per the official description for the 13th episode, you will witness that “Adam will begin to question his own career path of filmmaking. This will happen when “the other Adam” moves back from Los Angeles. He then warns him about the insecurities and telling him that making it big in Hollywood isn’t easy.

On the other hand, meanwhile, the JTP house is in mess. Geoff will become the home manager as they know how much he loves to please and can’t say no.

The Goldbergs Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: “Game Night”

Previously in this week’s episode, the episode began with the family gathering for all were ready for a fun-packed game night. But it was seen that Geoff tries and struggled to hide the details of his living arrangements with Erica and Barry. He does not want them to know a secret from Beverly during the game night.

On the other hand, Adam finally approached his guidance teacher and seek advice on how to be cool. He wanted to know this so that he can impress and get close to a new girl in his chemistry class.

Wrapping Up!

‘The Goldbergs’ season 7 episode 13 called ‘Geoff the Pleaser’ will premiere on January 29, 2020, on ABC at 8 PM ET/ 7 PM CT.







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