Only two episodes are left for the season finale and there are a lot of stories to be explored. After Shaun’s complicated relationship with Carly, his next romantic ride is going to be with Lea. But it doesn’t seem to be very smooth after the last episode. Apart from the two, the story of Neil and Claire’s story too needs some attention.

So what can you expect in the upcoming episode of The Good Doctor titled “Fixation.” Here are the spoilers and the recap of the previous episode.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 16 Recap

As the name of the episode suggests, in the previous episode titled “Autopsy” Jane Doe, an elderly woman comes with aneurysm into the ER and expires on the operating table. Shaun, Melendez, and Park try their best to save her life but fail. However, Shaun is convinced that Jane’s death has some mystery associated with it and so demands an autopsy. Lim refuses to give permission and so Shaun works with Park to find out about the deceased’s family. The two then find that she has got an estranged son Jules, who has inherited the same deadly condition as that of her mother.

Later Shaun struggles with his feelings for Lea, whether he should confess or not. But then after Carly and Glassman advise him, he walks up to Lea but she returns his feelings. She refuses as she feels that it would be too much for him.

The Good Doctor S03E16 “Autopsy” Written Update

While Shaun and his team are busy with Jane Doe’s case, Morgan, Claire ad Andrews treat a young man Aiden Porter, who injured himself. The boy displays subsequent blackouts and sleepwalking during which his personality is completely opposite. It is discovered that Aiden has a cyst on the hypothalamus which hassled to his condition. While Aiden refuses to get rid of the cyst, Morgan plans to convince the second personality for the treatment.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 17 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, a patient is going to create challenges for the doctors especially Dr. Shaun Murphy. A patient will be introduced to the doctors who have a mysterious and undiagnosed illness. It is a very rare case that had baffled all the doctors previously. And now the case is in the hands of Dr. Shaun. What will be his line of treatment?

The Good Doctor S03E17 “Fixation” Spoilers

While this new case will get Shaun into action Dr. Claire Brown and Dr. Neil Melendez will be navigating their feelings for each other. Finally, their story will unfold a bit more, as they cautiously discover their feelings as colleagues and friends. There will be some bizarre medical drama as the doctors at the California hospital deal with their life and relationship problems.

Wrapping Up

The Good Doctor Episode 17 titled “Fixation” will air on ABC at 10 PM, on 2nd March. Don’t miss it as only one week is left for the finale.

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