Did you miss out on the last episode of the HBO’s miniseries The Outsider? Then don’t worry, because we have got you covered with all the lions, tigers, bears and even El Coco. Confused? The last episode was titled “Tigers and Bears” where the entire gang teams up to discuss the monster that has been a great threat for everyone especially Holly. So here is the last episode recap.

Also, we have a little sneak peek into the upcoming episode of The Outsider titled “Must/Can’t” that will air on 8th March.

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 9 Written Update

Episode 9 titled “Tigers and Bears” started with a flashback set in 1947. Two brothers with flashlights are playing hide and seek when they disappear into the woods. As they wander around the woods without any hope, the older brother comes with a plan and start walking towards the cave. Previously the cave was dwelled by bears, but now it has become a tourist attraction that anyone can explore by paying a fee of 25-cents. However, the brothers enter the cave from the other way and end up deep inside and eventually get lost. The plan of the older brother fails as panic begins.

Everything becomes hopeless. Back then it was bears and tigers which led to the death of so many people, and today it is the murderous creature called El Coco.

The Outsider S01E09 “Tigers and Bears” Recap

The case of El Coco is finally going to end in this episode. Ralph has started believing in El Coco’s story. So the team sets on a mission to find El Coco and in the meantime protect Claude and themselves. And so they send Claude away to a Fried Chicken Joint with Howie because they fear that anything said around him will be transmitted to the evil creature telepathically.

Ralph and Yunis further question the victim of Claude. He mentions the Bear Cave, the one from 1947. As the two stories are connected, Ralph concludes that it is the place where El Coco is. The entire team heads to the place but will they be able to survive? Who will come out of the whole thing alive? We will come to know only in the next episode, which is also going to be the finale.

 The Outsider Season 1 Episode 10 Spoilers

The Outsider Miniseries is going to conclude in the coming week. It’s the finale episode of Season 1 of HBO’s The Outsider. The show in its entire running had a high degree of suspense, thrill, and mystery. There is one figure around which the entire story revolved, the El Coco. The team went separate ways to find out but in the end, have come together to stop the evil creature from doing heinous crime.

According to the official synopsis released, the group will enter a climactic showdown to reach El Coco.

Wrapping Up

The Outsider Season 10 Finale episode titled “Must/Can’t” will air on 8 March. It’s going to be the last episode of the miniseries, so don’t miss it. Let us know what you feel about the last episode in the comment section.

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