We see construction equipment in use almost every day, but we rarely give a second thought to the engineering behind it. Construction equipment is one of the most hard-wearing in the world, and if you think about what it actually does, from earth displacement to carrying materials that weigh tons, it is highly impressive.

As such, let’s take a moment and consider who are the best manufacturers of construction equipment in the world right now.

1. Caterpillar

In terms of sales, construction equipment sold by this brand outstrips all the others. From Caterpillar 950H loaders to tipper trucks, Caterpillar can be found at the heart of most building sites around the world. The brand is one of the few that most outside of construction know. Currently, the brand is experimenting with electric vehicles.

2. Komatsu

Hot on the heels of Caterpillar is Komatsu. They are best known for their Autonomous Haulage System, which is part of its ‘Smart Construction’ endeavors. The company has made some fantastic construction vehicles over the years, including the Komatsu WA350 wheel loader. They are also perfecting electrical-powered construction vehicles.

3. John Deere

Although John Deere was a much sought-after manufacturer, its prominence rose when it purchased the Wirtgen Group in 2018. Since then, its sales have gone stratospheric, and it maintains a healthy position as one of the world’s best construction equipment manufacturers.


China’s XCMG has seen great growth over the last few years and has sensibly targeted markets in America and Europe. Its product range is diverse as any other manufacturer in this list, and there may come a time when the top manufacturer in the world is no longer American but Chinese.

5. Sany

Sany is China’s second offering in this list and given their dedication to manufacturing quality, it is no surprise. The company like XCMG target western markets with a view of bringing value for money to construction companies.

6. Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) has dropped sales a little over the last few years. It is not a lack of quality that has seen Sany overtake it, but a commitment to small compact electric vehicles rather than their larger diesel counterparts. The one eye on the future approach will no doubt pay dividends for the company later on.

7. Hitachi

There does not seem to be a thing that this company does not make, and its construction vehicles have an amazing reputation. Although sales have waned slightly over recent times, they still see strong sales in Japan and North America.

8. Liebherr Group

Selling consistently in most regions, Liebherr produces quality equipment that can hold its head with the best in the world. In 2019 the company saw particularly good sales in Germany, Denmark, France, and North America.

9. Doosan

South Korean Doosan is a worthy competitor to the best in the world. Sales are strong in most regions and of late has invested in new technology. It has demonstrated its new autonomous Concept – X control solution that can automate dangerous construction work.

There are some epic companies in construction, hope you enjoyed the list.

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