The construction business has been booming since the passing of the infrastructure spending bill in congress. This, combined with more work becoming available as the pandemic winds down, has made the construction industry more work-heavy than it has been in a decade. If you’re experienced with construction contracting and want to make a move to a city where plentiful work is available to you, there are a few cities that stand out. To assist you in your transition, here are seven amazing cities that are seeing a boom in their construction work in 2022:

1. Chicago

Chicago has seen major investments coming into the city from building developers over the last few years. With the new infrastructure spending bill passed in congress, the amount of jobs for construction workers in Chicago has risen even further. The number of local and federal contracts being completed in Chicago easily surpasses every other city in the United States right now. Redevelopment projects on major properties, such as the Lincoln Yards development are providing a ton of new construction jobs as well. For those looking for a sure thing, moving to Chicago to seek out construction work can provide a great option. Just make sure that you obtain the right licenses you’ll need to work in Chicago before making the leap.

2. St. Louis

Another Midwestern town, St. Louis has not been known for construction booms in many years, but this reputation is turning around in the last three years. A massive project building the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency campus (a $1.75 billion project) began in 2019 and is expected to remain active through 2025. This project alone has made St. Louis a premier destination for those looking for consistent, high-paying construction work. The lower costs of living in the area have also proven attractive for construction workers looking to relocate for work, so those looking to make high pay that they can easily put back should look into jobs in St. Louis during the upcoming year. Just make sure you take your tax responsibilities into account.

3. Kansas City

Kansas City has broken the top twenty cities for construction list for the first time in many, many years. The mixture of new business investment in the town, and the number of federal dollars being sent to Kansas City in the wake of the infrastructure spending bill passing, have helped build up Kansas City in an exciting new way. Between Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, the Midwest has become an absolute behemoth for high-quality, high-paying construction jobs in 2022.

4. San Jose

The tech industry is booming in San Jose, allowing the city to see several high-budget, long-term construction projects as a result. Google is opening a brand-new 80-acre, mixed-use campus that will transform the layout of the western edge of San Jose’s downtown area. The number of buildings and businesses under construction to help prepare for the opening of this campus has ensured the construction boom in the city has become that much more notable.

5. San Francisco

Another Californian town that’s seeing a massive boom in construction work due to the tech industry, San Francisco has often been one of the premier destinations for construction workers looking for consistent, high-paying work. Although the cost of living in the area can be high, workers can typically find work that allows them to live in the city without stretching their budget thin. A long-term waterfront redevelopment project surrounding Pier 70 in San Francisco is the biggest project happening in the city right now, and the $2 billion projects is expected to continue through 2028.

6. New York

It’s difficult to remember a time when New York was not a major destination for construction workers looking for high-paying, consistent work. 2022 is looking to make the construction boom New York City is known for that much more impressive, however. The steadily increasing amount of work in the area is expected to continue rising throughout 2022, so if you’ve been looking to move to the Big Apple to start a lifelong career path in a major city, 2022 is your year.

7. Los Angeles

Like New York, Los Angeles has almost always been a major destination for plentiful construction work. In 2022, the $2 billion projects being undertaken for the Crenshaw Line in Los Angeles have had its already-massive construction industry undergo a serious boom. The Crenshaw Line is directly connected to the $4.5 billion People Mover System project that’s taking place around LAX as well, ensuring that all workers looking for high-paying jobs in California’s construction industry can count on Los Angeles to provide them with work for the foreseeable future (as the projects are expected to continue until 2028).

It’s Time to Make Money

With the right move, you can make a journey to any of these seven locations, and begin making major money as a construction contractor. Every one of these cities has locations where you can afford to live while jumping onto one of these major construction projects. Simply check to see what types of skills and licenses you’ll need to work in the area, and you’ll be good to go.

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