Gambling is like any other business. This means those who contribute largely to the players’ interests also hold conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows. It is a common activity for several years now, which might take a day or several days. In these conferences, casino operators join tons of other operators at a certain place and time to discuss issues in their field. This might include finding solutions to various problems like gambling addiction or simply showcase their works. Moreover, it can be about new upgrades on some of their games like Golden Goddess free slots.

It might also involve learning or training. Conferences are also an ideal place for those who want to network with leading experts or expand their business marketing strategies. If you were unaware of some of the most famous casino conferences or exhibitions, then read on. However, note that due to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, some of these conferences were postponed. But some were held online or pushed to 2021.

Global Gaming Expo

Global Gaming Expo or G2E is a gambling trade show founded by Reed Exhibitions and the American Gaming Association (AGA). It began in 2001 and has been successful for over 19 years now. The conference is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, each year during fall time. Each year, thousands of people attend this conference and are often led by VIP keynote speakers. An example of a celebrity who attended this is Whoopi Goldberg. Usually, G2E offers educational sessions that usually take place from Monday to Thursday. An expo hall is also opened sometime during the conference week, where exhibitors display their products and services.

ICE London

ICE London is another popular platform where gaming professionals attend with the aim to explore what the future of gaming holds as well as acquire networking opportunities. This event is held yearly and sees thousands of visitors from across the world. At this conference, many activities take place. These might include panel discussions on things like capitalizing on marketing prospects and ways to overcome challenges. There are also inspirational talks from professionals. Some developers can even launch their products during this ICE London event.

ICE London iGaming Event


It is one of the largest Nordic and Baltic region’s largest gambling conferences. Members from the EU and EEA are the ones who attend this event. The main goal of this summit is to bring together stakeholders from different regions plus Baltic’s regulatory authorities. When they meet, they have discussions, networking, and roundtables. MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit offers the opportunity for both veterans and new companies to learn more about the insights in the industry and any updates on compliance.

Cutting Edge Table Games Conference

This is the only conference in the industry that focuses on table games. During this event, professionals come together to talk about topics that affect casino table games like roulette, poker, etc. Such topics might include things like checking how side bets, rules, and procedures affect the table game percentage. The conference also involves discussions on table games, problems encountered in these games and finding solutions to these problems. There might also be learning of the mathematics behind the game and checking how they can combat various cheats. Additionally, the conference might revolve around table game marketing tactics and strategies. During this topic, such things as on-site merchandising and promotional incentives might be considered.

Eastern European Gaming Summit

It is an annual gaming conference, which is attended by over 200-industry representatives from over 20 countries. The main agenda of this summit is to keep the attendees on track with the latest technological developments and regulations from the Eastern Europe gaming industry. Besides, this is the place to be for any person looking forward to knowing and enhancing opportunities and challenges in Eastern Europe. It also helps operators establish new and regional connections and hold interactive training discussions and networking events.

Balkan Gaming Expo

Famous Casino Conferences and Exhibitions

Balkan Gaming Expo is an annual meeting for top-notch gaming professionals who are looking for advanced products and solutions. The Expo is also a great place to be updated with the latest or upcoming industry trends. Over 5,000 visitors from more than 60 countries attend this event. These involve both those who are in the demand and supply sides, third parties, regulators, and so much more. This Expo is also the perfect place to meet with various types of people and discover new opportunities that can help in building relationships. Several awards might also be handed out during the event.

NYCPG Annual Conference on Problem Gambling

The New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) has been in the industry since the 1970s. Conferences are not just about the casino operators’ benefits, development, and training. There are also others like NYCPG, which is held yearly. Various kinds of people attend the conference, including professional, casino operators, and even gambling addicts.

The main agenda of this conference is to check the problems facing gamblers and solutions to them. They also try to come up with better ways that can help end or diminish this problem in the industry. During the event, there can be talks from professionals and even addicts. Several discussions that can emerge during the conference include those of new gamblers and addiction and ways to ensure responsible gambling among the players.


The summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) is another popular iGaming event, which takes place in various countries from all over the world. It is attended by affiliates, leading suppliers, and operators. It is the place for anyone looking for reliable affiliate partners and anyone who is eager to learn more about the iGaming industry and tech sectors. Additionally, it is the perfect conference if you want to enhance your business or simply be updated on the latest iGaming trends. It is also a good place for those who want successful networking with leading professionals. Besides, the number of visitors who attend this event is over 200,000 from over 80+ countries.

National Association for Gambling Studies

The National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) is the leading forum in Australia. It provides opportunities for discussions and encourages others to share their knowledge. This conference is all about gambling studies and where hundreds of participants can come together and share ideas. Those who have attended it will not only get to not only have fun but learn about gambling. This might include casino operators, gambling addiction, and so much more. There is a lot to learn about gambling, and NAGS is the perfect conference for it to happen. Besides, it is attended by thousands of people who are ready to be learners during the conference period.


There you have it! The mentioned conferences and exhibitions are some of the most popular worldwide. There are still other meetings, which are held locally or per country. For instance, the ICE conference is held in various locations like the US and London. These conferences and exhibits are a great way for operators or start-up businesses to network with others and expand their business. They are also a great opportunity for gaming providers to launch some of their newest games or products to the public. Moreover, depending on the event, there might also be several awards to be handed out.


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