It might be a big reason for anxiety for the parents, if they don’t know where their kids are and if their kids are not even answering their calls. Other than this, the parents can also be worried about what their kids are doing with their phone and how much time they are spending on the phone as these are considered as valid grounds of anxieties for every parent these days. But with the advancement of technology, a parent can easily protect their kids remotely with the use of location tracker software like FamiSafe parental control app.

Launched by WonderShare, FamiSafe is considered as one of the most reliable parental control apps that provides the parents with notifications regarding the location of their kids and also provides the parents with total control of their kids’ phone.

How to set up FamiSafe

Setting up FamiSafe is an easy procedure and can be done in some simple steps after you install the app from the different app stores or directly from their website. You must install this family tracker app in your phone as well as in your kids’ phone. After installing the app, sign up on your device as the parent device and set up your kids’ phone as the kids’ device. Then follow all the instructions and set it up depending on the things you want to monitor or the restrictions which you would want to impose.

FamiSafe: tracking, filtering, blocking and monitoring app

  • Tracking: This app provides the parents with all notifications regarding the location of their kids as well as the location history of their kids. This enables the parents to check if their kids are going to the right places in the required time and also ensures that the kids are returning back to their homes safely. Besides, if anything unusual happens, the parents are notified immediately.
  • Web filters: In order to take full control of the kid’s online activities, FamiSafe provides the parents with web filter options. Through this option the parents can filter websites depending on the categories. Hence, the parents can restrict their kids from accessing the categories of websites which include violence and adult contents.
  • App blocker: Other than filtering and blocking specific websites, specific apps can also be blocked that seem unsafe and unproductive for the kids to use. Apart from this, the parents can also see the complete log of all the apps they use and also how much time they spend on each device.
  • Activity record: FamiSafe records all the activities a kid performs on his or phone. This helps the parents in getting a clearer view on what their kids do in their phones during most of the times of the day.
  • Check daily phone activities: It is not possible for a parent to check his or her kids’ phone every day. So, with this app the parents can check the timeline of their kids’ activities, including videos watched or games played without even accessing physically.
  • Uninstalled apps: Often kids tend to install apps and uninstall them before their parents come back to ensure that the elders do not come to know that they are using it. But with the FamiSafe app, the parents will be immediately notified whenever an app is installed or uninstalled.
  • Ease to use and extra services provided: This is considered as one of the best parental control apps as it is user-friendly and it can be installed and set up very easily and quickly. Besides, this app also provides extra services like remote control and geo-fencing which is not provided by most other parental control devices.

Price of FamiSafe parental control app

The price or the subscription charges of FamiSafe is very flexible and it has three packages depending on the duration of the plan. The cost of subscription for one month duration is $9.99 and with this subscription, the user can use the app on five devices. There are quarterly subscription costs and the subscriber can control up to ten devices with this subscription. With the yearly subscription, the subscriber can control up to thirty devices.

To subscribe any of the above mentioned plans, first install the app from the given links:

For users of apple devices:

For users of Amazon Kindle:

For users of android devices:


The FamiSafe parental control app does the best job with simple tools for web filtering and blocking apps for explicit content. The most important feature provided by the app is the geo location and other location tracking options and helps the parents to become worry free about their kids’ whereabouts. With the help of this kid tracker app, the parents can stay on top of things, starting from monitoring websites and app usage to tracking locations throughout the day.

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