Online casinos are top-rated today. Players enjoy the vast benefits of playing online. One of the benefits of these digital gaming halls is that you can choose from a wide variety of games in the casino lobby.

But that is not all. Players also have numerous banking options at their disposal, including cryptocurrencies. Although these digital currencies are a relatively new concept for many users, they are becoming more popular in modern gaming.

They are fast, easy, and very safe. You can transfer funds without worrying about personal and credit card information and privacy. Let’s see which are the best cryptocurrencies that you can use in online casinos across the globe.


Bitcoin is perhaps the best cryptocurrency that you can find in online casinos. It’s the first decentralized digital currency which allows you to send money through untraceable transactions. The first online casinos that opted for this type of banking started with Bitcoin. And they are still trendy! Bitcoin users can access ample collections of games inside lobbies, just like any other regular users.

Moreover, when compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has the most online casinos that specialize in this form of currencies. If you want to enjoy world-class casino entertainment, Bitcoin-supported digital venues are a perfect solution.


Ethereum is the modern runner-up to Bitcoin. Arguably, the Ethereum platform is an updated version of Bitcoin. The creators of the platform desired to create something better than Bitcoin because the original cryptocurrency offered limited services.

That is why Ethereum offers you a chance to create apps and write code that can control and manage money. Plus, you have its native coin Ether at your disposal. More and more casinos are offering this type of currency exclusively to their customers. You can play in Ethereum casinos using any device, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and even your iPad if you want.


Litecoin emerged soon after Bitcoin took a spot under the casino spotlight. At first, the creators intended for Litecoin to be a rival to Bitcoin. However, that wasn’t the case. To a certain extent, Litecoin fell behind Bitcoin soon after its launch. But it is still viral in online casinos around the world. It is because it is so similar to the first currency on our list. Litecoin is much easier to use thanks to a more straightforward mining process and lower fees.


Ripple is a centralized cryptocurrency, so it doesn’t have the same benefits as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, because it is centralized, it is very safe and protected. It’s like a central bank in the world of digital currencies. Google Ventures invest in Ripple a lot, so it’s safe from crashing, unlike other crypto options.


Dash is the chameleon among cryptocurrencies. In 2014, the currency launched under the name Xcoin. Soon after that, it changed the name to DarkCoin. The name did not stick for too long – the creators renamed it to Dash. In the first two days of business, users mined 1.9 million coins, which is an incredible fact. Online casinos that offer Dash are quite popular in the casino section. Its value is increasing each day.

Other Similar Altcoins

Online gambling is a very fertile field. The cryptocurrencies that we mentioned are certainly not the only ones that players use. What is more, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital gaming.

Right now, there are thousands of different coins and currencies in the digital form. It would be a shame not to mention at least a couple more as additional coins for our top 5 above. If the currencies that we presented above are not your cup of tea, make sure to check out these:

Funfair Coin

Just like the name says, this coin is very fun. It uses blockchain, and its primary trait is that you can develop your personal online casino on its platform. The Funfair platform allows users to write code and use its license to create their own gaming sites quite easily. If this is your jam, try the Funfair coin.

Enjin Coin

Enjin coin uses the Enjin platform that is quite like Ethereum. The main aim of the creators of the Enjin network is to make gaming safe and protected. With this coin and platform, you can design, and develop monetization mechanisms, various game mechanics and gameplay designs. Your options are truly limitless with this coin.

Monster Byte Coin

Monster Byte is a currency started by Monster Byte Inc. The company has an excellent track record in the gaming industry, with 40 years of stellar experience. The difference between this and other digital currencies is that it is not a simple startup project. It comes from a verified company with a massive base of loyal fans, and it is very likely to succeed.

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