With the gig economy booming, it has never been easy to find a side hustle and increase your income. Many people are finding success with gig jobs like driving an Uber or doing some freelancing in addition to their day job, which brings in most of the money.

Now is also a great time to consider adding skills to your portfolio so you can get a better job or put yourself in a position to ask for a raise at your current job.

Consider going through your home to see if you own anything valuable that could be sold if you no longer use it. eBay is a great way to make some extra cash and some people also peruse yard sales and thrift stores looking for something they can flip and sell on eBay for profit.

Don’t forget about online casinos. You might be scared to play at online casinos, but with a few tips and tricks, you can position yourself to have a good chance at winning and boosting your income.

Think about renting out a room or two in your home, as this is a great way to get help paying the mortgage if you just blew through your savings putting a down payment down.

Online Casinos

If you play online slot machines, you stand a chance of adding to your income. Before you get started playing at online casinos, there are a few things to know that you could do to potentially increase the odds of winning and increasing your income.

For starters, understand how slot machines work. They are controlled by random number generators, meaning the odds of winning are the same whether it is your first spin or you’ve played for hours. Don’t get caught up in chasing the big win.

Online casinos offer many types of bonuses. If you are looking for a quick win and addition to your bank account, make sure you take advantage of welcome bonuses at a bunch of different online casinos. You can spend these welcome bonuses without spending your own money, so you could potentially hit a big jackpot without spending any of your own cash.

Unlike slots, games like poker and blackjack are skills games. You should practice and improve your skills before you play for money. Once you know what you are doing, give some tournaments a try as you could win and add money to your bank account.

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Gig Economy

The gig economy is booming and soaring to new heights. If you have been on the fence about picking up a side hustle or wondering how you can take advantage of your unique skills, now is the time to jump in with both feet.

Are you a good writer? Can you do graphic design? There are so many options for gig work that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Many gigs also allow you to set your own schedule, creating the pace that works best for your particular situation. There’s no reason you can’t add some gig work to supplement your income.

Think broad. There is a gig for everyone. You might not think you have a lot of skills, but you could always do something like TaskRabbit, which is essentially running errands for people.

There’s a gig for everyone – find your nitch and get started today!

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Add Skills so you can Increase your Worth

If you already have a full-time job, there a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a raise at your current job or maybe finding a new (and higher-paying) job within your same industry.

Consider taking advantage of a resume writing service, if you think you have the skills and experience for a new job but are struggling to get interviews with companies. Remember that your resume is the first impression you get to make on a new company.

There are also a variety of online classes you can take at places like Udemy and Coursera, which can help give you new skills so you can market yourself better to potential employers.

If you have the means, you could also consider getting a whole new degree. Maybe your employer will pay better if you have a master’s degree in addition to your current bachelor’s degree.

You could also consider doing some volunteer work, which will look great on your resume as you work to pursue new, better paying, career opportunities.

Get into E-bay

There are a lot of ways to sell goods and materials these days, with E-bay being the leader of the pack. Start by decluttering your own home. What is laying around the house that you haven’t used in years? Or, what has been replaced with a newer model?

Almost everything can be resold. When you are done looking around your own home, consider going to thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. You would be surprised what some people will part with for next to nothing that can be resold for profit.

House Hacking

Renting out some rooms in your house is a great way to get help paying the mortgage. Did you buy a home hoping to grow into it but don’t have the spouse or kids yet to fill it? House Hacking is the art of renting out parts of your home to help with the bills.

You don’t have to buy a home and rent the whole thing on AirBnB. Consider just getting a roommate for a short period of time. Would that extra $500 a month you get from renting a room go a long way towards boosting your income?

There are so many things you can try doing to increase your income. The best thing is, you can try them all out and move to the next on the list if you didn’t love the first activity or two. Be patient, be gritty, and keep your nose to the grindstone.

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