What Are Google Chrome Extensions?

The mini software programs installed in google chrome that are user-friendly and aim at personalizing the browsing experiences are known as extensions. These are installed in chrome for a better experience of the users and to alter the functions of the browser.

The alterations may include changing the functions of the browser or adding of several better features. These are added to make the already useful google chrome more convenient for people to use. The extensions are built on programming languages for the web such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

While most extensions aim at targeting the problems of the users and solving them, there are a few extensions that alter the functions of Google Chrome in a negative manner.

For example, some developers might install extensions without the user’s approval which might result in unwanted popping up of advertisements, new tabs that won’t go, etc.

Few Chrome extensions also prove to be very useful for online classic slot games. In order to set up Google Chrome for online gambling, the user has to install Proxy or VPN extensions like Browsec, Hola, etc.

There are other various security extensions for online gamblers like Panic Button, Avira Password Manager, Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder, etc.

Some of the Topmost Useful Extensions for Google Chrome


Using secure passwords these days is a must to stay safe online. LastPass is a password managing extension that helps in creating strong passwords for numerous sites and for storing them all in an encrypted format.

This extension helps in keeping all the passwords arranged and in logging into various accounts automatically. All the user needs to remember is one master password, and the rest is taken care of.

LastPass is user-friendly and is one of the most useful extensions of Google Chrome. It also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones.


Among all useful extensions, AdBlock is an important one. It is useful in filtering content; blocking pop-ups, advertisements with scams and cryptocurrency miners, banners, etc. on YouTube, Facebook, and many other websites.

AdBlock improves the page load time and helps in enjoying faster internet. It also blocks third-party trackers and protects user privacy.

Tab Wrangler

To overcome the distractions caused by dozens of tabs left open in the browser, while working can be quite a hurdle. Tab Wrangler helps in organizing the disorientation by automatically closing all the tabs after they’ve not been opened for a specific time span.

Only the tabs that haven’t been pinned get closed down. The tabs that are to be kept open can be chosen to be locked even if the user chooses not to browse them.

However, it is to be kept in mind that it doesn’t save any work on tabs that have been shut down. Therefore, the work is lost when the tab is closed.

Avast Online Security

This extension with above 10 million users aims at providing security to Google Chrome. Avast Online Security has made browsing much safer now! It prevents hackers from stealing valuable data.

Provided in the corner of the browser, it scans all the visited sites for security threats and also shows user reviews for various websites. It also helps in analyzing the security level of the websites visited by the users and warns them if there is anything malicious about the site.

The tool is useful in blocking cookies from tracking the user’s online activity. It is also useful in fixing typing errors in the URL bars. Another important feature to be mentioned is that the extension launches itself automatically when users connect to particular malicious websites.


With the advancement in technology, it is possible to receive messages as well as call notifications directly on your browser now.

The notifications for messages and calls on the phone can now be forwarded to the browser. We can now chat according to our convenience from our computers! All the chats, SMS and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik can be now transferred to the browser by Pushbullet.

Pushbullet helps in keeping people connected as sharing links and files between devices becomes much easier and convenient.

Google Dictionary Extension

Google helps in finding the definition of unfamiliar words only in few seconds. However, this facility is made easier and handier with the Google Dictionary extension.

The meaning of the words that are to be found out has to be just highlighted instead of opening a new tab to find the meaning. Simply highlighting the word and clicking on the dictionary icon plays the trick! The definition will appear instantly in a small pop-up bubble.

The extension appears right next to the browser’s URL after installing it. Complete definitions of phrases can also be found out with the help of the Google Dictionary extension.


It helps to get a fully customized world clock in Google Chrome’s status bar.

The time in different countries and areas at the bottom of your browser is now at hand, saving you the trouble of looking it up on Google. Just clicking on FoxClocks gives the user quick access to clocks, without leaving the current web page.

It is also useful in choosing from a set of time formats or creating one’s own custom formats. FoxClocks keeps updating its time zone database so that the user always gets the right time.

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